Monday, November 12, 2007

Manic Creativity

Welcome to MonsterBug Blankets!

I've been in a manic creative phase lately--and am just coming out of it. I made this adorable little purse a few weeks back, and it is soooo perfect for what I wanted! It's made out from a set of curtains I bought at Ikea several years back--that I loved, but never went in my house! I made a wallet out of my husband's old sectional maps from Germany, several prototypes of a diaper and wipes holder similar to the diapees and wipees brand (where have I been that I never knew about diapees and wipees?? For three years I've needed exactly this perfect little holder!), two adorable Charlie Brown Christmas pillowcases for my kiddos, a pillowcase dress for my Bug made out of bandannas, a couple of Dive Flag blankets (patterned after the scuba diving flag--made out of fleece--check it out on, several dive flag ornaments, filled a few orders of tag blankets and baby blankets for friends and family, and a couple other things I've completely forgotten about. AND I filled about 40 pages in my creative journal. AND I found, a lovely and creative site that I find myself addicted to!

It's been fun to think and create and to have a plethora of ideas storming my brain, but now I'm ready to just work, just sew, to make things. Good timing, I suppose, cause all the Christmas gifts won't make themselves--but I'm REALLY wanting to sew for my business--to build up inventory and to make all those ideas into reality. Somehow I don't have 4,000 hours in each day--and this bothers me! I want to be mommy and wife full time and still have all the time I want and need to create and sew and research and sell! :)

Blankets for babies to drool on and toddlers to cuddle under!

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