Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Can't believe it's November

I'm having a REAL hard time realizing that it is November. I'm not sure why, but it has plagued me for 13 days now. As my husband and I sat talking this morning, he mentioned that Thanksgiving is next week. NEXT WEEK???!!!!! What? Then we're discussing our schedules for the next 6+ weeks, and I mention Bug's birthday party (#3!) is the Sat after Thanksgiving. He said, "You know, that's next week, too." WHAT??? (He's a smart one--he figured if I couldn't recall that Thanksgiving is next week, I may not realize the party is then, too!) :)

Soooo I have some tutus to begin making.

Bug started dance class this fall--tap and ballet--and LOVES it. A few weeks after she began, I saw some lovely apple green tulle at Walmart, and planned to make a tutu out of it for her birthday. I placed the tulle on my worktable, not thinking about it. When Bug came down the stairs from her nap, she hollered soooo excitedly, "Monny (yes, MoNNy, not MoMMy!--don't know why)--"Monny, you make me a dance skirt?!!?" Well, how could I NOT make it for her the next day???

About the tutus. Bug is in LOVE with Cinderella. She wakes up one day and says, "I want to go to a ball, Monny. I want to go up, up, up to the castle." So for her third birthday, we're inviting a friend over for a ball. And I'm going to make them fancy little tutus in shades of blue, with a gorgeous silver, blue, and purple ribbon waistband. And we'll read Cinderella, and dance to pretty music, and eat. I picked up some tiaras after Halloween for 39 cents, and we have some plastic Cinderella cups I picked up along the way. Just enough to be fancy and prancy! :)

I also picked up a wooden baby bed at a local kids market. I'm going to sew covers for the mattress and pillow, and a baby blanket. Bug uses everything for baby beds. I'm forever thinking I'll break my neck coming down the stairs--cause each one is covered with some animal or baby doll--and I'm told, "shhhhh--the babies are asleep." I'm not allowed to breathe even. So the bed should be a hit. Now to find a wooden highchair, so Monster can stop getting angry with Bug about using HIS for her babies! :)

Husband also asked me this am how I was doing on the Christmas presents. Ummm. Yeah. Uh. Well, you see..... I made the two pillowcases for Monster and Bug this weekend as prototypes for the ones I'm making as presents.... :) So now I'm banned from doing any business stuff till after the Christmas presents are done. Where would I be without my dear one??? He keeps me on track (or tries his best!). He KNOWS I'll fritter my time away with this and that, and not get anything important done. I need this man! But BOOHOO--what about my etsy???? What about building up my store???

I couldn't sleep last night. My Grampa is in the hospital--he had a stroke and possibly a heart attack yesterday, but I didn't know that last night. I just was worried and scared. So I got up for a bit to fret and pray and to be busy a bit. And during that time, I mapped out the next year of creating. I figured out what shows I want to try to do and how much of what I'd like to bring to each. And when I need to begin and finish creating for each. I basically have the month of April "off"--though I want to try my hand at making a quilt for my Grandma out of old clothes and ties from my late Grandpa. I was going to do this for my siblings, dad, and Grandma this year, but 1. I often put things off that I've not tried before due to fear, and 2. I got busy researching all this business stuff! I NEVER guessed sooooo much time and thought would go into this. It drives me crazy sometimes!

So that's my day. Did I get to make anything--not really. Though when Bug was eating lunch, I mapped out an idea for Monster's Christmas present. I worked on it some, but then he woke up from his nap, she was done with lunch, and chaos began to reign!

It's November---it's November---it's November.......

Blankets for babies to drool on, and toddlers to cuddle under!

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