Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Soon we'll be home!

Tomorrow we leave for home! While I don't look forward to all the packing, or the 11+ hour drive--I can't wait to be there! No more nights away from my husband, no more living out of a suitcase, no more crazy schedules! No more driving without being able to see out the back window cause I'm loaded down with Christmas presents and boxes from my Grandparents' estate.

I have done well with sewing during this trip. It's not as much as I would have liked to sew--but I am surprised at how much I did get done. On top of the Christmas presents I finished, I sewed a Thanksgiving table runner for my mom, and a beautiful black shawl for my mother-in-law (with enough fabric left over for Bug to get one, too!). The snaps for the purses ended up being more trouble than I thought. I bought a "handy" tool to help me press them on--so I didn't ruin the purses when I bashed the snaps with a hammer. But the tool wasn't as handy as I thought--they should really think about making the ends magnetic--cause it was hard to get the two pieces lined up through the fabric... Anyway, even with it taking longer than I thought it should--the snaps are on, the purses look beautiful, and I didn't mash any prongs in the process!
I visited a craft fair in Greensboro, NC the day after Thanksgiving. I enjoyed walking around, seeing how people displayed their items, and getting ideas for when it is MY turn. I bought only one thing--a beautiful HUGE mug from Bay Pottery. It has several layers of glaze on it--in greens, blues, and a little bit of brown. The handle is wonderful--large enough to put my whole hand in! I just had an awful thought--what if it gets broken? Thankfully, with the internet, I could order a second.

There were only three baby vendors--and only one carried blankets. So it was hard to gauge what will/won't sell. But I loved seeing what they created! And with the views and hearts I've received on, I'm getting a better picture of what people seem to like of my blankets, and what I need to look at creating in the future. I can't wait to get home and list more on etsy.

At the craft fair, my eye was drawn to all the beautiful pottery. And I kept thinking--I would LOVE to learn how to do that. As though I have ALL the time in the world! Another thing I'd like to learn is to make soap. All the smells and shapes and colors! Oh, too many ideas, too much I want to do all at once!!! I am busy enough as it is!

I'll probably take off the rest of this week from sewing, so I can rest and be a zombie! But starting on Monday. I need to work more on Christmas presents. I also need to think about what we're going to give friends for Christmas this year. Last year Husband made up some of his salsa--YUM! We'll talk when I get home.

Home--that sounds sooo lovely. Wish I could just snap my fingers and be there!

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