Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weariness while waiting

I'm tired tonight--real tired. I keep thinking I should be sewing, I should be sewing.....but even surfing online is wearing me down. Too much emotion, too little sleep for mommy, too little sleep for Bug and Monster. It's just past ten, and they are finally asleep. At home, they are in bed by 730, and asleep within 30-40 minutes. Here Monster wails and Bug bosses, or they both giggle and play. And then it's after ten and I just want to get into bed--but they are still awake..... Little stinkers!!! Of course, I can't blame them that I stayed up till 2am last night--can I!?

I wish I could post pics of the Christmas presents I'm making. This is not my computer, though. I sewed a set of Christmas pillowcases last night. The fabric is a pretty light blue with green trees decorated with red balls. It's simple and I like it. I added a band (?) on the edge of green gingham. I suppose I'll end up making some for me, too--if I get around to it. I think I want red gingham, though.

I sewed a quick table runner for my Mom's table today. She showed me some napkins and dish towels sis#2 gave her last year--and wished aloud for a table runner to match a plaid in the dish towels. While surfing through the walmart fabric today--they had all their autumn fabrics for $1 a yard--one of the plaids was similar in colors to the dish towel. So I bought three yards, cut it down the middle, squared it off, turned the edges under twice, and sewed her a table runner for our Thanksgiving feast! I was so excited to make it for her--I hope it looks pretty on her table.

Speaking of Walmart--I forgot I had left the land of Alabama vs. Auburn--and was pleasantly surprised to find I'd entered my husband's favorite place--UNC-land!!! :) Oh the pretty pink fleece to make Bug a blanket with--and the Carolina blue to sew for Monster! I bought some of the cotton fabrics, too, and am debating on how to use them (and if I should go buy more!). Bug would be adorable in a simple lined jumper--made just in time for March Madness! Her Daddy would be sooooo proud! :) Anyway--I don't know when/if I was ever so excited in Walmart before!

The purses I started last week just need snaps--Walmart had the handy tool to help me connect the snaps--so I don't have to worry if I'll damage the snap by banging it with a hammer! :) Yes, I DID do that with my purse, and lucked out! But not for gifts! Mine was just the prototype!

Lets see, what else??? I framed one of my photos, and some other pretties that I can't mention where certain people might read! Can't spoil Christmas--and these people would know by my description that the present was for them! But they are all framed, and the kids woke from nap before I could wrap everything.

I have a few wallets I'd like to start on tomorrow--I finally figured out one that was troubling me--so now I am excited. Oops--tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I doubt I'll get anything done--I'll be at mom and dad's all day.

That's about the end of my brain working. Good night, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!
Blankets for babies to drool on, and toddlers to cuddle under!

PS--the title is a description of life right now--while we wait for my Grampa to pass away. It is heartbreaking and exhausting--wondering, worrying, wishing.... I wasn't sure how to address it, as it is hard to even put my thoughts into words. He's been taken off his ventilator, off the meds for pneumonia, off his feeding tube. The morphine has been dialed up, and the end is near. Sleeping is hard.

On the up side, he gave me kiss after kiss on Tuesday when I went to see him. :) It is a wonderful memory to hold close to. His time in this pain-filled life is nearly over--and his new life, his eternal life, is going to be so much better!

I told Bug that Jesus wants Grampa to be with Him. She then chattered something about how she saw Jesus with the goat yesterday. :) WHAT??? "I DID, Monny!"--trying to convince me! Got to love the active imagination of a nearly three year old!

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