Friday, November 30, 2007

Some marketing, some pics of things I've made recently

Here are the purses I made. I'm finally home to post pics. I realized that I didn't take pictures of anything else I sewed while away. :( Gotta hate that!

I tried today to get MonsterBug Blankets listed on google and yahoo. My mother-in-law just did it for the business she works for--why on earth didn't I have her help me while I was there??? She said it was free. I did list on google's business locater, and added some tags onto my domain (hosted by yahoo). Google even had a coupon I could post. So I did. :) We'll see--I'm not holding my breath that this will help generate any business. :) But if it does--someone will get 10% off!

I received my car stickers from!!! Now I need to figure out where I want them, and stick them on! I also updated this blog with an etsy mini--a sample of my shop! I like it--don't you think it's cute??

That's it so far today. Oh, and unpacking! Boy is it nice to be home!!!

MonsterBug Blankets
Blankets for babies to drool on and toddlers to cuddle under!

Meant to post these earlier:
My new wallet, from a map of Tauberbischofsheim--near where we lived for four years.

Monster's new diaper/wipes pouch-love that train fabric!


becka said...

the wallets made from maps are they laminated first or how did you go about making them more durable?

MonsterBug Blankets said...

Sorry, Becka, I didn't see your comment. I covered the maps with vinyl I bought at walmart. I felt the different thicknesses, and bought the one that felt right. :) I used a walking foot on my sewing machine to get the wallet to feed right, and the tension can get a bit weird, too. Someone suggested using a piece of tissue paper over the vinyl to get it to feed better with a regular foot, then tearing it away when you're done sewing.