Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, I sit here writing this from my sister's kitchen. My Grampa is not doing well, so Monster, Bug, and I packed up the car and headed north to be with family. It's the second year in a row for us--my other Grandpa passed away last year November. I struggle with not wanting to feel this pain and whether I am stuffing too much of it (cause THAT always goes well!). It's hard to let go of the people we love. I hate it. Always have hated goodbyes.

Husband helped me pack up the car--and all my sewing supplies (no, not ALL--that would be insane!--just what I needed for Christmas gifts). Naps and after the kids are in bed are my times to sew--and being out of my routine while here--the sewing will help me feel a touch normal. Plus, Christmas presents do not make themselves! And this was the week I was to begin sewing for others.

I worked on three purses yesterday. Didn't get to finish them, but all that's left is the top stitching and the snaps. I was scared to pin at sis's table--mines an old, old one with a rough, used finish--a few pin marks won't hurt it! But hers is sleek and beautiful! I ended up pinning on top of her ironing board--worked well.

The kids are up and going strong. They do not sleep well when we travel. Good news, though, is that my Monster is actually sleeping! That's a new one! He likes his bed and his bed only. They are playing in the bedroom--I can hear them giggling and jabbering and making a ruckus. :) I was glad to see a pack of earplugs on my sis's table this am--I feel better that MAYBE she's able to sleep in a bit! She's not used to all this commotion--or the before 7am wake up giggling! :)

Pray for my Grampa and our family, please. Thanks.
Blankets for baby to drool on and toddlers to cuddle under!

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