Thursday, December 20, 2007

beckagator photography

Ok, here's one proud sister who HAS to feature her little sis. My youngest sister is starting up her own photography business called beckagator photography. She takes AMAZING pictures. Check out her deviantART site! She has tons of pictures posted in the gallery. Becka is still working on her website--getting it up and running--but check it out as well:

My favorite picture--well, it IS hard to choose!--is titled "I see spots." She had this in her spare bedroom--the bedroom the kids and I took over on our visit in November--and I am so in love with it! Her walls in her house are filled with photos she's taken--and they are so wonderful. (Have I gushed enough yet??)

MonsterBug Blankets

PS--I was featured today on Wendy Baylis' blog: Dharma Designs. She did an amazing job of combining my random answers into something that flows and sounds so lovely. Wendy also creates jewelry, and sells it on etsy. Check out her shop:

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Hummie said...

love the Christmasy colors on your blog!