Saturday, December 29, 2007

Checkout Buttons, a Pretty Scarf

What have I been up to tonight?? Checking out Google Checkout, and adding cool checkout buttons to my website. You have to go to the Dive Flag Blankets page to see them. :) And then I had to update all my Etsy listings, stating that I now accept Google Checkout.

Why am I going with Google Checkout?? Well, I had a really bad day with Paypal, and decided to add Google to my payment options. Originally, I wanted to do away with Paypal completely, but many, many, many people use it and are comfortable with it, so I am keeping Paypal for now. And since then I opened my own, separate checking account--so any money hijacked by scammers will just be my own, not our family's.
I sewed a pretty scarf for our neighbor's daughter this afternoon. She attends Auburn University, so I used a yummy orange corduroy on one side, and a thin blue and white stripe on the other. It's an understated nod to her Tiger Fever.

I also worked about an hour on Monster's late Christmas present. I'll show it once I'm finished. It involves an airport runway, helipad, and a hangar for airplanes. It's very much in concept stage right now--trying to put what is in my head onto fabric. I hope it turns out like I want it to! We'll see.

That's it for now.
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