Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Decorating

We put up our tree today. It's so pretty, all lit up this evening. The stockings are hung, and I put the extra greenery from the tree on the mantle. Bug just woke up, and is cuddled with Daddy, looking at the tree in wonder. It's the first year we've had the tree in the living room in this house. I really like it here--where I can sit in my chair and enjoy the prettiness! We usually have it in the library--but since I've taken over that room with my MonsterBug Blankets stuff, we cleared out space in here. Helps that Monster is no longer in his highchair, so we got that out of here, and moved the orange, bouncy chair into the library.

Lest anyone think we're high and mighty cause we have a "library", let me help you understand. This house used to have only two bedrooms, and many years ago, someone decided to put in a staircase and two bedrooms upstairs. The staircase is in the old 2nd bedroom--and it is now just a walk-through room. There's not alot that can be done with the room--so we put our bookshelves and most of my books in there. And when I started MonsterBug Blankets, I put an old fest table under the windows, and it became my workroom, though we still call it our library.

It was fun watching the kids' faces light up when Daddy brought the tree in from outside! Even Monster--though he doesn't remember last year--was all excited by the new addition! He did his closed-mouth talking about it. They love pulling off the jingle bells, carrying them around, and putting them in some old Lebkuchen tins that are music boxes. Monster likes to try his newest accomplishment--throwing the jingle bells in the trash! (I thought I was doing something helpful by teaching him to throw his diapers away--ha on me!)

The nicest thing about putting up the tree is looking through all our old ornaments. Handmade (and some not) items from family and friends--or friends' kids! The pink booties from Bug's first Christmas. An ornament my 3rd grade teacher made me. The ones from our travels in Europe--the Christkindlsmarkt booth, an angel from Ireland, stars from Poland and Belgium, snowflakes from Rothenburg and Steiffen. There's also the Moravian star for the tree topper--we bought in Germany, but reminds me of our time in Winston-Salem, NC. There are the ornaments my late Grandma Scott used to buy me every year, and ones I've bought at craft fairs here. Helicopters and airplanes, and now a little ballerina for my Bug.

I also found all the old Christmas cards I thought I threw away. Why is this important? Because of the new tag cutter I have! Christmas cards make the most beautiful gift tags! Not all of them will get cut up, though. I have one from Grampa Scott last year--I'll be keeping that one. A few others I've set aside, but the rest are fair game! I'm going to have a load of fun!

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