Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crafty Morning

OK, My sis-in-law wanted me to post pictures of our mantle and tree--so here they are. My chair gets a good view of them both and of the trees outside, so I am a happy camper! Now if we could just get it to snow down here in Alabama--so I could watch it settling on the earth while drinking coffee, staring outside, and telling God how lovely everything is--life would be perfect! :) (Oh, and yes, the bottom third of the tree IS a bit bare. Our two little ones like to play with and re-arrange the ornaments--so there is no keeping them on the tree!)

I entered a link to Capps Cove Bed & Breakfast over to the right, under "blogs/sites I like". The other night I was reading in Country Living or Country Home about inns at Christmastime. The pictures made me think of our time this fall at Capps Cove--when my Husband and I went away for the first time since Bug was born. If you ever need somewhere special to stay--I HIGHLY recommend Capps Cove! They have two luxurious cabins to stay in, and serve the most scrumptious breakfasts! Our cabin overlooked a small creek/river. I sat on the porch swing and drank my coffee each morning--looking at the creek, listening to the bugs singing, and hearing the fish jumping out of the water! The area is lovely--I didn't realize the base of the Appalachian Mountains ran into north Alabama--but how nice to see my beloved mountains!

This morning, Husband's schedule allowed me to get in some sewing before he ran off to work. So once I had my coffee and woke up enough, I put together these wallets:

One is for a dear Auburn fan. :) These crazy Alabamians and their allegiances to either Auburn or Alabama (cause no one from VA is crazy like that--everyone KNOWS that the Wahoos are better than the Hokies!!). And the other one I can't show too much of--the cities would be too familiar to the person I'm giving it to for Christmas! :)

So, two more gifts done--8 million more to go! :) I have to work fast and furious these next two weeks! :) No more postings on Etsy till these are all done. I wish I had more time--I would use it to make more Chunky Christmas Tree Crayons--they have sold soooo well! But I will remember that for next year! :)

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