Monday, December 31, 2007

Custom Order

So these are what I will be working on the next week or two:

Blankets for the nursery at my parent's church. I also will be working on curtains for the two rooms. The curtain fabric is white with dots in the same colors as the plaid above. The nurseries were hard to find fabric for, as one is yellow and the other is turquoise, but I found these at my local quilt shop, and think they will look lovely.

I spent some time today planning out the next several weeks. The craft fair in March is coming up sooner than I want it to, and I have much to sew, put together, label, and prepare! I figured I'd spend a week on each group of items I want to sew/create, and should be able to make plenty. Sewing Guru and I will have a booth together, so between the two of us we should fill things nicely. That is, if she doesn't sell out before the craft fair! She can't keep anything in stock! Hooray for her! :)

I'm excited to get started, and hope my plan works out well!

MonsterBug Blankets

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