Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fun new toy

I bought a cool new "toy" today. It cuts out these lovely gift tags! I used an old sectional map Husband used to fly with while in Germany, and I cut away. He's at Walmart buying glue sticks so I can paste the maps onto the blue and green card stock. I also have some other things to cut up--old books, German dictionaries, more maps, and some old papers I got from my Grampa's boxes.

I went to Downtown Dothan today. It's a craft fair/winter fest type event. They had a snow maker--so all these southern children could actually play in the snow! Snowballs were flying everywhere! :) Originally, I was going to have a booth with a friend, but it didn't work out for either of us, so I went to scope it out for next year. One thing I saw was that the 10'x10' booths were rather generous! Most people were set up well outside the boundaries. I liked best the booths that were set up with the tables to the front and sides--not where I had to walk in. This is with a tent--without a tent, I like it the opposite. I think I feel claustrophobic or something with those tents! Like I'll get sucked in and not be able to leave!

While there I bought a lovely smelling soap from Soaps by Sarah (334-447-1860). It is mint, and I can't wait to use it tomorrow morning! I also saw a booth with beautiful nursing covers, She had lovely fabric choices--and I'm such a sucker for pretty fabrics!

That's all for tonight!

MonsterBug Blankets

Blankets to cuddle under!

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The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for the mention in your blog and the tips about etsy. I signed up for it a while back but haven't got around to using it yet. I think I may list some stuff through there some time next week. Especially since my eBay fee's are over $70 right now. Yikes! I'm glad you had fun at the Christmas Festival. And I know what you mean about those tents, it was the first time I used one and I kept thinking the thing was going to collapse on me. I will definitly be visiting your blog from now on so see you around.