Monday, December 3, 2007

Funky Scarf

Check out this scarf I made--I think it's wonderful and funky! Husband doesn't think so! :( It's a gift I made out of my Grandpa's old ties. Had to find some use for them! I woke up from nap today, trying to figure out where to begin on sewing Christmas presents, when my mind drifted to these scarves I saw the other day. Somehow, I thought up this scarf from there, and am very happy with it! I want to make one for myself, too--but suppose I'll only get to wear it on my mommy days out--when I'm not going to embarrass Hubby! :) :)

I helped Bug make this Rudolph shirt today. She had fun with me painting her foot and hands! I want to do it with Monster as well, but have NO IDEA how to keep him from wiggling around and making a huge, brown mess! :) Perhaps I should belt him into his highchair--that MIGHT help a bit.

I spent an hour after the kids went to bed cutting fabric for more Christmas presents. Figured I could do all the prep work tonight, so if all goes well with naps tomorrow, I can sew away--and not have to start and stop, start and stop. I hate that.

That's all I have for tonight. :)

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