Friday, December 7, 2007

Handmade Gifts

While I was getting set up to sew today, I cleared off a few things from my antique sewing machine, and found the pretty little angels we'd gotten on our trip last week. I'd forgotten about them in all the commotion of getting home. We'd stopped for lunch at a Cracker Barrel in SC. We were waiting for our food--all three of us starving and tired and sick--when one of the ladies from across the aisle stopped at our table. She gave us these pretty angel ornaments for the kids. I asked the lady if she made them herself. She smiled and said yes. She sooo made my day! She has no idea what a lift her kindness gave to me, halfway into a 13.5 hour drive! And to get something handmade--I LOVE them! So we have two angel friends to join the other ornaments on our tree. :) Thank you Ellen!

I always enjoy getting homemade presents. My Grandma and my aunts would sometimes make us special gifts, and alot of times us kids would work on projects together--and then turn around and give these things to each other! So this year, even before I found Etsy, the plan was to make most of the gifts we are to give out. I haven't been as busy as I should be--I keep getting sidetracked trying to sell online. :) But I have been working, nonetheless. Here's what I worked on today: Pillowcases!

I forgot to take pics of the ones I made the kids earlier, and the ones I made while visiting family, so I made SURE to capture these ones on film--oops, on digital! It may be hard to see--but the fabric's from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! YAH! :) I'm making these for the kids as well! Daddy tivo-ed Rudolph when it was on the other night, so Bug will get to watch it and then sleep on her Rudolph pillowcase! :)

I worked some last night getting set up a website on I only saved a template, and then went to bed cause it was getting late. I'll have to play more with it later. Right now, I've purchased my domain, and it is re-routed to my Etsy store. But I would like to have a website, where I can post past creations, fabric choices, some sibling gifts I'm working on and can't sell on etsy, and other various things. I'll have links to my etsy store, too. I just would like a little more than what I have now--and freewebs seems pretty good for that. We'll see as I get further in!

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