Monday, December 31, 2007

Late Birthday Present

Goodness, if you look over to my Etsy favorites (to the right, under my store listings), you'd never know that I got some gorgeous pearls from my Honey for Christmas--necklace, bracelet, and earrings! Does getting pretty things makes me like even more pretties??? Or did I just happen to stumble upon such pretties and think they were nice to look at? I don't know!

I woke up from nap yesterday absolutely exhausted. That seems weird. But I didn't want to do ANYTHING, much less sew. It took about an hour and a half to get up the gumption--and then I didn't want to HAVE to sew something, I wanted to have fun. What to sew, what to sew??? Then I remembered Bug's birthday present she never got from us because we were up north for her birthday--unexpectedly. And I got busy!

Back in September, I bought a used babydoll crib/bed, with a mattress and pillow, for Bug's birthday present. I washed the mattress and pillow, but wanted to cover them in new fabric and also add a blanket. (I also wanted to paint or do something to the wood, but that's not gonna happen!) SO I dug around in my stash last night, and found a sweet flannel fabric in blue with tiny yellow flowers all over it. It took less than an hour to make covers for the mattress and pillow and then a little blanket. The covers are similar to pillowcases, the mattress or pillow just slide in, then I tuck the fabric down in.

Bug saw what I was doing, but assumed it was for some other kid. :) She even said she wanted me to make her a small pillow, too. :) I finished just before dinner, so she didn't see it. And once I was done eating, I slipped into my bedroom, pulled out the crib, scrubbed it down with vinegar water, and set up the bed with a baby under the blanket. She and Monster got down from dinner and played in the living room, and eventually I had to just tell her to go into the library. She went in and was soooo excited. Then she tried to climb in the bed and cover up with the blanket--not so much! That's ok, Monster kept using it to stand on so he could turn on the tv today! I think that gift was a hit! Even if it was late.

MonsterBug Blankets

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