Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My own site!

I went onto Freewebs tonight, and FINALLY began work on my site: www.monsterbugblankets.com. My domain was originally forwarded to my etsy store, with the intention of eventually starting my own site--and now it has begun. :) I'm rather excited! Not that there's much on there, but I did it--all by myself.

I have several ideas of things I want to sell--now and eventually--and I can't list all of them on etsy. Some won't be handmade, so I can't list them on etsy, and some will be created for adults, and my etsy store is more for children. This is the reason for starting my own website.

I'll soon start creating for the Piney Woods Art Festival, and will post lots of my new things as I go--so keep your eyes peeled! I can't wait to start!

Merry Christmas!!!
MonsterBug Blankets

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