Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Popular Crayons

Wow, my chunky crayons seem to be a hit! :) Was it being featured in PersonalTreasure's blog yesterday? The forums this am? Just random timing? Prayer!!! I sold three more orders of crayons this am! Can you believe it?? And three of the four orders were for two sets of crayons--so 7 sets total! I had to make a new batch of the Christmas tree ones today, and stop by Walmart to buy MORE crayons! Who would've thought I'd go through those 800 million I got from my mother-in-law in just a few days???

So I dropped by the post office to mail out my first three orders, and found a weird little scale system for under five bucks. You stack the 1lb, 2lb, and 3lb scales on top of one another to weigh packages up to 6 lbs. You place your item on say the 1lb scale, and if the middle touches the counter, it weighs over 1 lb--so you put your item on the 2lb scale. If it doesn't touch the counter, your package weighs under 2 lbs.

At first, I was wary--cause it doesn't give exact ounce measurements, but then I realized that the usps charges based on lbs--ounces don't really matter (at least for the packages). This will come in handy for using! I was getting sooo scared of using my bathroom scale--what if it is wrong, and the customer has to pay extra shipping??? And I wasn't ready to shell out the money the other postal scales were going to cost.

I wrote this little question to my fellow etsians today:
So does this obsession slow down......this obsession with etsy and selling here, with posting to blog(s), getting comments, getting hearts? With wondering if you are on the gift guide or posted on someone's blog?? With checking the forums constantly to make sure you are not missing something, or with checking to see how many views you have now compared to 3 hours ago?? I can't think I'm the only one! :)

I had my first sale on etsy last night, and there's a part of me that hopes things will settle down for me now. (See, someone DOES like your stuff--and not just friends and family who have pity on you and buy that raggedy looking "flower" you made from an egg carton and are now selling for 5 cents.....)

This first sale from a stranger seems different than selling to friends and family. Maybe it has to do with someone finding my store on this vast web--and choosing what I made. Does it take one sale? five? ten? 100??? Or does the obsession stay with you the whole time--wondering and waiting for the next sale? Seeing if such and such works, or if I time this renewing blitz for now, or whatever it is we do to try to trump up traffic to our own store.

I'd like to know. :)

Goodnight for now!
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