Monday, December 17, 2007

Presents Done--Check!

Well, the ones that have to be shipped, anyway. :) While I didn't take the "Buy Handmade" pledge this year, I can proudly say I only bought five gifts this year--and made 17 (?) so far--with more to be made! Sorry I didn't support others making handmade gifts, but I do enjoy creating gifts on my own! (Though I DID buy this awesome necklace for myself!)

I worked most of the day, finishing off the last three presents. I took pics, but will need to post them after Christmas. I'm thinking of offering these mysteriously unnamed gifts as custom orders on will be perfect for new mothers, grandparents, mother's day, father's day, and even for kids heading off to college. One more idea in the notebook to work on--once January arrives! :)

I'm kind of scared about pushing things off to January--scared I'll end up not accomplishing what I'm wanting to do. I'm not very goal oriented--goals actually terrify me. :0 So this "goal" of starting a bunch of things in January makes me worry a bit. We'll see, I suppose. Just because I've been a certain way in the past does NOT mean I have to be that way now.

(Note: Sewing Guru--keep me on my toes!)

It's getting late and the screen keeps blurring. While some of it can be attributed to dirty glasses, the majority is sleepy eyes. I have much to do tomorrow! Husband is helping me bunches by entertaining the kiddos so I can work. :) And Bug keeps "sewing" nearby. It's been nice!

MonsterBug Blankets

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