Friday, December 14, 2007

Impatient for January

We're sitting here, watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. I've been wanting to write on here, but can't seem to think of anything. My mind's a bit numb. Finally getting around to dealing with my Grampa's death.

I've been busy working on Christmas presents. Some I can show, others I can't! :) Too obvious!
This first one is for someone who loves green trucks. I hope he likes it! The second is another set of Christmas Pillowcases. See how well they match the tv Bug and I are watching! I need to find hers and put it on her pillow. She'll like that.
It's frustrating waiting for January to come. I have soooo many ideas to work on, and am excited about beginning! I'm trying to think through my ideas--what will sell on etsy? what will sell at craft fairs? What should I put more of my time and effort into--the craft fairs or etsy??? It's so hard to know what to do--especially when I have limited time each day.
I haven't sold any of my baby blankets on etsy, and truly wonder if I will. It seems that more original ideas sell well there, and baby blankets are a dime a dozen with crafters. But, I think they will sell better in person. People can touch them and hold them, and peruse the colors and styles. And the Tag Blankets aren't made alot by crafters here. I think they will sell well--I'm hoping they will. But it is hard for me to spend so much time making them IF they don't. UGH!
I have alot of ideas for sibling gifts--toddlers-preschoolers. I don't think I'll share them now, you'll just have to wait until I create them, and show them off online! :)
I think that's it for today--I have a Bug to go love on!
MonsterBug Blankets

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