Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rag Quilt Finished

Well, here I am. I wanted to write Monday night, but my head and body hurt, and I couldn't think straight. I tried to write last night, but I sat here and no words came out of my brain. I'm running a fever and feel rather yucky--so that's why there's been no post so far this week.
I did finish that rag quilt this week:

It's hard to see that the light colored blocks are a pale pink and white plaid. I LOVE, love, love that Alexander Henry "Western Style" fabric--aren't those cowgirl hats the best!!! While I've made Raggy-Tag Blankets (12 inches x 12 inches), this is my first actual pieced quilt. It turned out a bit bigger than I was planning--I think next time I'll cut the fabric so the blocks end up being 8 inches when finished, not 9. I told Husband that I just wanted to keep this quilt. :)

I've been working--slllllooooooowwwwwlllllyyyyy--on some Tag Blankets. I finished pinning all the ribbon tags on them today, and did the first sewing on them this afternoon. I still need to clip the corners, turn them right-side-out, topstitch them, and press them. I think I'll do a smaller batch of them next time--so I don't feel like I'm doing alot of nothing. All prep work and no finished product makes me feel horribly unproductive!

I think I've made a decision about all the Raggy-Tags I was going to make for the craft fair. I'll have to do them another time. I am not ready to work on them right now--each week has certain things assigned to it, and I don't have the extra time to cut and piece all those squares. The thought of having to prep those kinda paralyzed me last week--set me off course. There are lots of other things I wanted to get done that I've had to sideline until a later date, and I think these are going to be sidelined as well. It's hard, cause I think they would sell well.

But on the other hand, I'm itching to make another Raggy Quilt! :) That's not really in my time-frame, either. But with the quilt shop having a sale this Sunday, I MIGHT have to pick up some Funky Monkeys (sock monkey) fabric for a quilt or two! :)

That's all for tonight. My body and brain are completely drained. I think I'll just stare at the wall for a bit now. :)

MonsterBug Blankets

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sewing All Day

I've been sewing on and off all day. I decided today was going to be a sewing for fun day--not a I-have-to-sew-this-today day. I've been wanting to make some Rag Quilts something fierce, so I grabbed up the fabric and starting cutting. I'm using Alexander Henry's "Western Style" fabric--it's light blue with cowgirl hats all over it in pink, tan, brown, and white; a white and light pink plaid; and a dark brown corduroy. As I was cutting the A. Henry fabric, Bug declares that SHE wants a blanket made with it. Like she doesn't have 4,000 blankets. I feel guilty sewing all the time for MonsterBug Blankets with her always asking if I'm making something for her, and the answer is no. Plus, I LOVE that fabric and needed an excuse to use it for our home! So once I got done cutting all the fabrics and batting, I whipped up a Cowgirl Hat Blanket for Bug. It's a big one--approximately 36 inches by 54 inches (give or take a few inches). Her response as I wrapped this lovely blanket around her shoulders--"No, I don't want that blanket on me!" Not quite the reaction I was hoping for! :)

After the Cowgirl Hat Blanket, I started pressing and pinning all those fabric squares. I was debating about the size of the quilt: 36"x36" or 36"x45"??? Then I realized I only had enough batting for the 36" square quilt. But I like the idea of a quilt being used for as long as possible. One 45" long will last a kiddo until 3 or 4 years old. So I had to run to Walmart in the middle of my project. UGH! That put a halt on all progress! I HAD hoped to get the quilt done this am, instead, it its there in the library, as undone as can be.

After running around, I ate lunch, laid down, and tried to nap. But I couldn't stop thinking. When I started MonsterBug Blankets, I had several items for sale in a local children's boutique. I only sold two items in the four months everything was there, so I yanked them out. Thought I'd try selling them elsewhere. Well, while lying in bed, I thought it would be good to try again.

So my mind was running over my options--what I did wrong last time, what I could do different. I want to set up a display this time--maybe a bench or my baker's rack--if she'll let me, or some wine crates or something pretty I have shoved in the closet under the stairs! I'm not going to offer just blankets by themselves--but gift baskets and gift bundles. They'll be wrapped in tulle--I think--and ready to give as a present. The boutique is pretty high-end, so I need to have high-end things to sell. Last time I was too terrified of things being too costly, and I had just a few items, and they were just put on some shelf--not displayed. Also, this time I want to rotate the blankets I have in there, and play with the display--make everything look new. And I'm going to be sure to have a copy of the inventory! I think a few things sold last time without me getting paid for them--but I didn't have a written inventory, so I couldn't be sure. (Not that she was trying to rip me off--some items didn't get tagged with my info.)

With all this thinking, I couldn't sleep--I wanted to get started on the things I was thinking about. (Too many ideas for one day!!!) So I got up and started sewing burp cloths for the baby gift baskets and bundles I decided I would take by this week. (Though Husband said to wait till after the craft fair--he's right! So I will wait.)

I quickly tired of sewing the burp cloths--and wanted to finish sewing the rag quilt. So I have two of the four columns sewn, the other two are pinned and waiting. I started to get grumpy while sewing, and it was no longer fun--so I stopped. No use pushing it--I'll finish later. Can't wait to see it done, though!

I went to the post office one day this week, and weighed the different blankets I have. I wanted to offer shipping to Canada, at least, and needed to know how much each weighed so I could charge accordingly. I'm thinking about offering shipping worldwide--since Etsy is a worldwide venue. There's a great forum post about how to charge for shipping, and it explains the different shipping zones around the world. So I've edited some of my listings and am figuring things out.

I'm sure I've been busy with other things--just too tired to think. :) So I'm calling it a night!

MonsterBug Blankets

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Baby Blanket Display

Lookie what I got yesterday! Thank you, Charisma for NOT needing this anymore and selling it to me!!! See all my pretty baby blankets lined up on there--it'll look GREAT at the craft fairs this year! AND, it gives me somewhere to hang the blankets in my house while they wait for someone to buy them!

I was out and about yesterday, and stopped in a little store to shop a bit. I jabbered with the owners some as I browsed. They'd gotten in a new shipment of pretties and talked about how it was like Christmas when the boxes arrived. I mentioned that it was like that for me whenever I got in some new fabric. Well, next thing I knew, I was carrying in my baskets of baby blankets for the one owner to look through--she's going to be a Grandma soon! I was so proud of myself for speaking up and mentioning what I did, AND for jumping in there (but NOT being pushy) when she mentioned the grandbaby on the way. :) Oh, and I'm thankful that I put all those baby blankets in my car before heading out--you just never know when you'll need to show them off!

I've felt rather unproductive this week. I've gotten things done, but not what I wanted to get done, so I've been upset at myself. What I did do: my product and fabric inventory for taxes, four Tag Blankets finished, 1.5 baby blankets handstitched, four baby blankets/tag blankets listed on etsy, trip to pick up cool display, and passed out my business card to the Grandma-to-be. What I wanted to do: four Raggy-Tag Blankets a day. Or four of SOMETHING each day. I suppose with the extra six blankets I made last week and the four Tag Blankets, I'm only two blankets behind my "quota" for the week. :) I need to remember that it is ok. I get worried that I won't work hard enough now and will leave too much for the last minute.

That's all for tonight!

MonsterBug Blankets

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Panick and Prayer

Ok, I feel better. Two days off have helped. I was a little worried--well, alot worried--that if I took a day off, I would lose my momentum. So before bed, I pulled out my stash of cut out Tag Blankets, and sorted out which ones I would cut into 4 inch squares for the Raggy-Tag Blankets, and which ones would be better as Tag Blankets. What a mistake! NEVER do that before bed!!!! I tossed and turned in bed, itching to get up and start sewing, my mind racing over what fabrics to combine for Raggy-Tags, etc. Then I got overwhelmed with all my thinking and started panicking! :) Oh what a crazy night!

I finally got out of bed, grabbed husband's warm and cozy Dive Flag Blanket (the Mac-Daddy one if you click on my site!), sat in my chair with my prayer journal and a pen, and I prayed and prayed and prayed some more! I wrote out all my panicky feelings and worries and wishes and all I want to get done and how I didn't know how everything was going to work out--on and on I went. Once everything was out, and I realized God was big enough to handle it all, I conked out and slept like the dead--right there in my chair cozied up with Husband's blanket.

Anyway, I feel much better today, and while it frustrates me some that I won't get much sewing done today, it's ok. I have lots to do today, and tomorrow I can sew my hands off!

I spent waaaaaayyyyyy too much time on etsy the past two days. Had to get my fix, I suppose. But in doing so, I realized that some of my panicking had to do with the incessant "need" to sell that I experience while I am on there. If I do this, or that, if run this way, or touch the lamp 14 times, circle the room forwards and backwards, etc--THEN people will buy from me. BUT, if I don't, I'm doomed to no sales ever again. That's how I start feeling after too long on the forums. At first, they are really helpful, but then the constant checking of hearts and views begin. And the "if I post on the right threads, maybe I'll get a sale." So I surf the posts, wondering which one will lead someone to my store, which one will make someone want to buy everything I have. It becomes rather ugly inside of me after a bit. And I go to bed discouraged at not getting a sale. And, because I spent so much time online, I don't get a baby blanket finished, so I have nothing to list the next day.

Oh well, at least I recognized it happening to me this time. And I will need to keep away from those forums!!! I noticed how little time I had for them last week when I was busy sewing each day! Wow--I accomplished things, my house was picked up, the kids were loved on, etc! :) But shopping there--I might just have to keep on with that one! :) Please look over to the right, under my etsy store, at "my etsy favorites"--good shopping there!!! And hey, my birthday is just three months away! :) :) :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Little Bit Burned Out

Yesterday did me in. Husband watched the kiddos so I could do whatever I wanted--a mommy day! :) I didn't feel like getting out and about, but wanted to finish my blankets for the week. There were about six or seven more fabrics that I wanted to use, but I had to iron them all first, and all of them were four or more yards of fabric. So I started ironing around 830am, then had to cut the fabric into the right sizes for baby blankets. At 1100am--yes, 11!--I FINALLY got to sit down to sew. By then all I wanted to do was to crawl into bed and nap! I was so frustrated by how long it took me to begin.

Anyway, I worked on a few blankets, took a nap, ate some lunch, then finished the rest. I sewed nine baby blankets yesterday. Much more than the four a day I was putting away. It was too much--really. Now I feel burned out and don't want to do anything!

I know that I need to take off at least one day a week, and today is the day--but it is soooooo hard to NOT do anything! I got up from a short nap, the house was quiet with the children sleeping snuggly in their beds (under MonsterBug Blankets, of course!), and it would be a PERFECT afternoon to work. It's so sunny in my workroom, so cozy in the house with the heat running, so quiet and peaceful--what a lovely day to work. NO! I KNOW that if I push through today--I won't do anything at all this next week--and THAT would be detrimental to my plan! As it is, I'm feeling a bit panicked about time issues! I can give up today, but I cannot give up the majority of next week. So I pray that I can be still today, to chill out, to rest, to laugh and play with the kids, and then tomorrow--be motivated to work my hiney off again!

I'm kind of upset, too, because I've changed some of my plans. I was going to spend one of my weeks sewing up Tag Blankets. Back in late October/early November, I cut out 13.5 inch squares for Tag Blankets. I have over forty sets ready to sew--just need to add the ribbons and batting. But on my etsy store, no one seems to care about my Tag Blankets--but my Raggy-Tags get great comments and people mark them as their favorites. So I am thinking I need to just--or mainly--make Raggy-Tag Blankets. They catch people's eyes, they are just a bit different, they are fun! This means, however, that I have to cut 14 million little 4 inch squares now. And that I can't just bop into the workroom, sit down, and sew--I have to prep, prep, prep--maybe for several days before I can begin sewing! And after all that prep yesterday, I'm ill at the idea! Plus, the Raggy-Tags take at least twice as long to make as the Tag Blankets, so I won't have as many ready for the craft fair as I was hoping. I feel a little overwhelmed at the idea. Maybe this day off will help cure me of some of this!

Some days I feel like I'm doing great--progress is going so well. Then other days I feel overwhelmed and out of time--even though the fest is 10 weeks away! I do feel great that I sewed 26 baby blankets this past week! But overwhelmed that I have to hand-stitch them all! :) :) (Three down--23 to go!)

Anyway, this is me on my burned out day. Next time I think I should push to get those last few items done, I hope I remember how it feels to do so--lousy! :)

That's it for now--I'm going to be completely now!

MonsterBug Blankets

Edited, 5:05pm:
Well, some much needed zombie time was enjoyed! I spent time looking through etsy at all the pretties and did some of their promo threads--which got me some hearts, but no sales! :) That's ok, I didn't figure I would--just thought I'd play a bit. Felt good enough to press and photograph two of my baby blankets, and then I listed them on etsy. Now it is time to play with Monster and Bug! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stacks of Baby Blankets

Ok, this (above) is what my stack of blankets looks like after the past several days! Much different than Monday's stack! (Three of the blankets included are from past weeks, but there were five baby blankets in the house that I forgot to add!) I need to sew about 6-8 more today, and I should be good on these type of blankets. Next week I'm sewing some double layered baby blankets--so the stack should be nice and large by then!

I went by my friend's store, Charisma's Creations, on Tuesday. She recently opened a good old fashioned brick and mortar business in October--cause she was outgrowing her house with all her lovelies! :) Every time I stop by, she has re-arranged displays and her stock--she's always re-thinking things. Makes everything look new. Anyway, she had this lovely display piece made out of old wood. It looks similar to a ladder--a wide one--but with dowel rods across it instead of rungs. It's gorgeous, and would make a wonderful display for my baby blankets! Turns out, she's looking to get rid of it--yah! I'm praying about it now--I want to be wise with the money I have for MonsterBug Blankets--especially as this craft fair comes closer, because I know there will be little expenses to crop up at the last minute.

I'm trying to think of what else I did this week. Oh, I've been realizing, slowly, that I needed to complete some more paperwork for Alabama state in order to collect sales taxes. So I did a search, and had to search hard, to find the info. Here's a link, in case anyone out there may need this info, too! I'm supposed to be getting some info in the mail soon, and I THINK this info is what I need so that I won't have to pay sales tax on my supply purchases anymore. THAT will be nice!

I've also researched the Tri-State BBQ Fest that's held in Dothan in May. Sewing Guru and I talked about setting up a booth there to sell our pretties. It's not too pricey, so we just may be there! There are several fests and such during the summer months that we could do as well, though I'm not too keen on the thought of being out in that hot sun in 95 degree weather with 90% humidity! UGH! Sticky and hot! I suppose with a tent to shelter us and a fan blowing on us, it won't be AS bad. I mean, I did that while pregnant--outside in summer heat with shelter and a fan, and it wasn't completely horrid--mostly, but not completely. :) We may need the sales, so I will keep that option open.

Time to go sew, before the monsters awake. :)

MonsterBug Blankets

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Sewing Place

You know what I'd like? I'd like a local store that sells only handmade articles from the people in the area. I keep hoping for this ultimate store--something amazing that I can sell my baby blankets in and it has pretties from so many other creative people. And we all sell well. :) And everyone wants to come buy from us..... Oh well.

Sooo, this is my work area. It's a bit crowded with things, but where else can I put them?? I love that my table is in front of the windows--I open the slats on the shutters and have lots of sunlight pouring in on me. :) On my table I have my lovely sewing machine; a couple of baskets with odds and ends packaging things, tools, etc; my strawberry pin cushion; an old tackle box; some crochet thread and baby blankets; and a ton of lovely embroidery threads on the right--for that day when I can buy an embroidery machine! (Hopefully soon!) The baskets and storage underneath contain crayons--for chunky crayon making, tons of ribbon--for the tag blankets, ties from my Grampa Scott, and scraps. My cutting board and rotary cutter/ruler are under, to the left. And also to the left (I tried to crop some of it out!) are my overflowing supplies for making sibling gift bags--which I have yet to actually make up! Too much other craziness going on! :) One day soon--well maybe not so soon--after March?

This is the inside of my handy tackle box--perfect for all my needs! Bobbins and scissors, pins, my walking foot and screwdriver, measuring tape, velcro, threads, and other junk that I cannot identify--and don't remember having in there! If I can just remember to shut it each time I'm done sewing, it would make my table look so much neater!

And this last picture is of a fabric I just couldn't not buy! I tried, I really, really did--but how yummy is it!??!! Can you imagine the dreams some little girl is going to have while snuggled up in this baby blanket??? I hope someone else loves it as much as I do--and buys the blankets I'm making out of it for their little one!

I think that's all I have in me for tonight. So goodnight.

MonsterBug Blankets

New Labels for my Baby Blankets

Normally when I've prepared my baby blankets for sale, I've folded them very neatly, wrapped a dark brown hemp jewelry cord around around the blanket, tied it in a bow, and attached a label with the MonsterBug Blankets contact info, washing instructions, etc. It looks so pretty and simple. But Sewing Guru brought up a good point yesterday--people will want to see the whole blanket, not just a folded up neat version. She mentioned that our customers at the craft fair will want to spread out the blankets--see them in their entirety. Yep, I agree. But the way I've done it looks so finished and ready to sell. So I had to think up something new.
Actually, I was planning on figuring out new tags/labels anyway. The business cards I make are made of a 2"x6" brown bookmark, and after I cut them down to size, I have TONS of 2"x2.5" scraps. Tons and tons. I plan on getting my money's worth out of those bookmarks!!! So this am, as I thought about it, I figured up a way to attach the new tags in a way that the baby blankets can still be unfurled, and the blankets look professional and finished (in my opinion!). Here it is:

The new tag sits in the bottom right corner, and I attach them with embroidery floss I've sewn through the tag and the blanket. It can easily be clipped away when it's time for the baby to use the blanket! And on the back, I've included a short description of the baby blanket, the care instructions, and the price! All neat and easy! :)

I figured since I mentioned my business cards, I would show a picture of one. Oops--it's an older one--with my blog info on it, not my email, but other than that, it's the same. I print them out, then assembly line paint them with green and white dots. I like the colors, and their simplicity. I keep thinking of getting some business cards professionally printed, but every time I try to figure out what I want, I decide I REALLY like these ones I have already! I like how they look (to me at least) professional, yet handcrafted--all at the same time.

So that's my busy morning. :) I've run the ink dry in the printer, been awake since 3am, and it is almost time for the monsters to awake--and I am ready to go back to bed! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby Blankets Galore

These are the baby blankets I sewed this weekend. Yes, just four of them, but I ended up ironing tons of yards of fabric that are now waiting to be cut and sewn. Below is the stack of fabric I will turn into blankets. NONE of them have been ironed--ugh! And there's more in my bedroom, more upstairs. I thought I could do this in one week--hahahahaha!

My one week time-frame was based on making 15-20 blankets. Sounds like alot, right??? But on a table, at a craft fair, it sounds sparse to me. So I upped the amount to around 40 blankets. Which I definitely WON'T get done in a week! :) I decided to nix the idea of making quilts for this show--maybe next time. That'll give me another week to work on these blankets! And the notecards I wanted to make will have to wait as well! It's so hard to be patient with all the ideas I have swimming around in my head!

I wonder when I'll have time to list the blankets on etsy--or if I should. I have ALOT to accomplish! And not alot of time. But I woke up early this am, cut out five blankets, and sewed two before I started breakfast. If I can sew the other three this afternoon and maybe get some more fabric ironed, it'll be good! I plan on doing all the handstitching after the kids go to bed--when we watch tv. I can usually finish one blanket a night if I devote all my time to it--ie, don't get stuck on the computer!

That's it for now--the kids are getting crazy!

MonsterBug Blankets

Friday, January 11, 2008

Changing Pad Cover

So I don't like making curtains, but I found that I DO enjoy sewing changing pad covers. Alot. And I wish I had tried to make some about 3 years ago! I could've used a few extra--especially in fabrics I LOVED, not the wimpy yellow terry thing we've used all these years.

So here's the one I made today. I like it. It fits a contoured changing pad. The top and bottom ends have elastic to keep it on, and the long sides are turned under and finished.

I was able to finish the entire order for my mom's church today!!! And the box is labeled and all ready for my mail lady to collect off my porch tomorrow! I LOVE carrier pick ups--especially with kids! I don't have to lug them in and out of the car and into the slllloooooowwwww post office. (Wishing we had an automated post office, too!)

That's all for tonight--been a long, tiring week.

MonsterBug Blankets

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Late Night Baby Blanket

Well, I couldn't sleep last night. As I was ironing the curtains I made, I kept picturing a baby blanket made out of that fabric--I could just see a little girl playing on it. And I couldn't get it out of my head! So after lying in bed awhile, I just got up and made that blanket! It's a cutie, too! That dot fabric with all those pretty colors--it's sweet.
I think I was excited, too, because a friend from college, Rebekah Janell, wrote about me in her local newspaper--and that issue that comes out today. :) YAH! She talks about how we never know where our hobbies and interests will take us--but that it's important to do things that we enjoy. It was exciting to read--it's fun to see how others remember us or what they think of what we're doing today.
Rebekah also is very involved with music--she writes her own, performs around NC, and is dabbling with writing lyrics as well. In college, she played piano for chapel and different activities and groups. She also practiced ALOT in her room--she had her own keyboard set up in there. All that hard work is paying off now as she creates CD's of her music and has sent out promo CD's to record companies and just about anywhere she can!
Anyway, between the newspaper article and the NEED to make that baby blanket, it was LATE once I finally got my bones in bed. But I went to bed happy. I like making pretty things!
Now off to tame the wild beasts!
MonsterBug Blankets
PS--You'll have to forgive the crammed up writing! Blogger is being a pain in the hiney--won't let me space out the paragraphs or even indent them! UGH!!! I HATE everything all crammed like this! I've tried to edit this three times, and still the same old mashed together words! Sorry!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well, I've decided I don't enjoy sewing curtains. Not at all. Something about the long lengths of fabric and not able to ever have things PERFECTLY lined up, straight, and even--it makes me ill-tempered. And all the ironing, ironing, ironing. UGH! I like to sew--not all the prepping--and the ironing is way too much prep work.

That said, I finished the three curtain panels for the nursery at my Mom's church, and it feels good to have it done! It's made out of this wonderfully cheerful fabric:

Isn't it pretty? I love it! And the curtains look lovely--once they get to their destination and I receive pictures of them hanging in the nurseries, I'll have to post them!

I still need to finish the edges of one baby blanket, sew three tie backs for the curtains, and figure out how to make a changing pad cover. I think I can do the cover ok--just need to study Monster's to figure it all out. I WANT to ship this all off by Saturday, but it may be Monday before I have all the last bits finished. Especially if it takes me awhile to think through that cover. Then Monday I'm off to work on all my craft fair pretties!


MonsterBug Blankets

Bookkeeping. yah.

Thank goodness for my Mother-in-Law! I kept financial records this past year, but didn't really know what I was doing. :) I have all the right info--but wasn't sure how it was supposed to be compiled. I emailed her the other day, and she gave me the info I need to start out right this year! YAH!

First of all , let me state that I do not use excel. I would have to take the time to figure it out and learn about it, and that's not been important to me. I use basic ledger sheets in a notebook. Easy, doesn't get erased accidentally, and I don't have to figure out anything. I do have to use the calculator to add everything, and that does take time. When my MIL visits next, she's setting up an excel program for me to use and giving me basic instructions. Until then, this is how I'll set things up--per MIL's instructions.

Columns: Sale of item, taxes collected, shipping collected

Columns: materials, shipping materials, shipping costs, fees (website, internet, ebay, etsy, craft fair booths, etc), fuel, mileage, whatever other expenses. Childcare can be listed as an expense as well, though my MIL states that if you use a babysitter, you must use their SSN on your tax form--and they will have to pay taxes on the money they receive. Sales tax would be an expense--though with a tax id # (gotten through, also called an EIN), small businesses shouldn't have to pay sales tax on their business purchases. (Still need to figure out how to apply that to each store I purchase from!)

MIL also states that this should be added up monthly, and compiled quarterly and yearly. Now that I have everything compiled for last year (minus two receipts I need!), I need to file those pesky taxes! Should be fun--especially with start up costs exceeding sales by nearly $1500! UGH! But I have ALLLLL that beautiful fabric sitting in my closet!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Foggy Morning

I woke up this am and watched the fog curling around the trees as I tried to pray with this foggy brain of mine. God and I drink coffee and talk together as I try to wake up each morning. And He likes to put on a show for me outside--with fog or grey skies or the birds who eat from our feeder. Or the way all the wood on the trees turns such a dark and lovely grey when it's raining. It's fun to see what He has for me.

After coffee and our talk, I set down to read my emails. I decided to NOT go on etsy this am--I waste too much time there (but learn SOOO much)! So I opened my MonsterBug Blankets emails, and found there were two new messages in my inbox. That could only mean one thing, right? An order off etsy and the confirmation from paypal that it had been paid for! Nope. Oh well. But what was in there was a nice surprise. My Etsy profile is listed on YAH! Sara Millis runs a shop on Etsy, and also has a nice blog that I like to wander in at times--Sara's Texture Crafts.

I took a break from all the sewing and such this weekend. I needed it and so did my family. We spent the day together on Saturday, and Sunday I slept and slept. It's hard to believe that I'm STILL playing catch up from our trip north in November! And from all the busyness of making everyone's Christmas presents after we returned. I pray I can rest well these next few weeks, and yet still sew and make lovelies for the craft fair in March. I have a schedule to keep--and it's a pretty strict one! We DO have a vacation in the middle of all the craziness, and I look forward to a time off with my family!

Well, off to care for my family, our home, and hopefully get my sewing done!

MonsterBug Blankets

Friday, January 4, 2008

Zombie Days

I feel like it's been a year and a half since my last post--5 days ago. That's a long time in the blogging world! :) Wish I could say I've been soooo busy sewing that I forgot to post. Nope, more like too zombie-ish to think straight. Husband went back to work, so I have the kiddos all to myself=no sewing till they are asleep. Then I need a nap, and afterwards--well, it's been around 8pm before my brain seems to turn back on the past several days.

I did work some yesterday--I ironed the 7 yards of fabric for the curtains I need to start! It takes a LONG TIME to iron that much fabric! I suppose today I need to iron out the lining fabric. Yah, I'm oh so excited. I so love to sew--I soooooo hate the prep work!

I can't say my days are a complete bust--I have spent two evenings hand-stitching two of the three blankets I am making. That's nice to have done! I just sit on the couch next to hubby, and stitch away. It takes a good 2-2.5 hours to finish each blanket, so they are usually done by the time we get ready for bed.

I visited the quilt shop two days ago, and bought some fun fat quarters in pinks for some pillowcases I want to work on soon. I also found a lovely pink fabric with blue flowers on it that will go beautifully with a cowgirl hat fabric I have. I need to figure out a brown to go with both, and will make a baby quilt out of them! I just want to start my 8 million projects--all at the same time! :) Too many ideas!!! Thank goodness for a notebook to jot them all down in!

Well, that's it for now--the monsters are awake and needing breakfast!

MonsterBug Blankets