Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well, I've decided I don't enjoy sewing curtains. Not at all. Something about the long lengths of fabric and not able to ever have things PERFECTLY lined up, straight, and even--it makes me ill-tempered. And all the ironing, ironing, ironing. UGH! I like to sew--not all the prepping--and the ironing is way too much prep work.

That said, I finished the three curtain panels for the nursery at my Mom's church, and it feels good to have it done! It's made out of this wonderfully cheerful fabric:

Isn't it pretty? I love it! And the curtains look lovely--once they get to their destination and I receive pictures of them hanging in the nurseries, I'll have to post them!

I still need to finish the edges of one baby blanket, sew three tie backs for the curtains, and figure out how to make a changing pad cover. I think I can do the cover ok--just need to study Monster's to figure it all out. I WANT to ship this all off by Saturday, but it may be Monday before I have all the last bits finished. Especially if it takes me awhile to think through that cover. Then Monday I'm off to work on all my craft fair pretties!


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