Monday, January 7, 2008

Foggy Morning

I woke up this am and watched the fog curling around the trees as I tried to pray with this foggy brain of mine. God and I drink coffee and talk together as I try to wake up each morning. And He likes to put on a show for me outside--with fog or grey skies or the birds who eat from our feeder. Or the way all the wood on the trees turns such a dark and lovely grey when it's raining. It's fun to see what He has for me.

After coffee and our talk, I set down to read my emails. I decided to NOT go on etsy this am--I waste too much time there (but learn SOOO much)! So I opened my MonsterBug Blankets emails, and found there were two new messages in my inbox. That could only mean one thing, right? An order off etsy and the confirmation from paypal that it had been paid for! Nope. Oh well. But what was in there was a nice surprise. My Etsy profile is listed on YAH! Sara Millis runs a shop on Etsy, and also has a nice blog that I like to wander in at times--Sara's Texture Crafts.

I took a break from all the sewing and such this weekend. I needed it and so did my family. We spent the day together on Saturday, and Sunday I slept and slept. It's hard to believe that I'm STILL playing catch up from our trip north in November! And from all the busyness of making everyone's Christmas presents after we returned. I pray I can rest well these next few weeks, and yet still sew and make lovelies for the craft fair in March. I have a schedule to keep--and it's a pretty strict one! We DO have a vacation in the middle of all the craziness, and I look forward to a time off with my family!

Well, off to care for my family, our home, and hopefully get my sewing done!

MonsterBug Blankets

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