Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Little Bit Burned Out

Yesterday did me in. Husband watched the kiddos so I could do whatever I wanted--a mommy day! :) I didn't feel like getting out and about, but wanted to finish my blankets for the week. There were about six or seven more fabrics that I wanted to use, but I had to iron them all first, and all of them were four or more yards of fabric. So I started ironing around 830am, then had to cut the fabric into the right sizes for baby blankets. At 1100am--yes, 11!--I FINALLY got to sit down to sew. By then all I wanted to do was to crawl into bed and nap! I was so frustrated by how long it took me to begin.

Anyway, I worked on a few blankets, took a nap, ate some lunch, then finished the rest. I sewed nine baby blankets yesterday. Much more than the four a day I was putting away. It was too much--really. Now I feel burned out and don't want to do anything!

I know that I need to take off at least one day a week, and today is the day--but it is soooooo hard to NOT do anything! I got up from a short nap, the house was quiet with the children sleeping snuggly in their beds (under MonsterBug Blankets, of course!), and it would be a PERFECT afternoon to work. It's so sunny in my workroom, so cozy in the house with the heat running, so quiet and peaceful--what a lovely day to work. NO! I KNOW that if I push through today--I won't do anything at all this next week--and THAT would be detrimental to my plan! As it is, I'm feeling a bit panicked about time issues! I can give up today, but I cannot give up the majority of next week. So I pray that I can be still today, to chill out, to rest, to laugh and play with the kids, and then tomorrow--be motivated to work my hiney off again!

I'm kind of upset, too, because I've changed some of my plans. I was going to spend one of my weeks sewing up Tag Blankets. Back in late October/early November, I cut out 13.5 inch squares for Tag Blankets. I have over forty sets ready to sew--just need to add the ribbons and batting. But on my etsy store, no one seems to care about my Tag Blankets--but my Raggy-Tags get great comments and people mark them as their favorites. So I am thinking I need to just--or mainly--make Raggy-Tag Blankets. They catch people's eyes, they are just a bit different, they are fun! This means, however, that I have to cut 14 million little 4 inch squares now. And that I can't just bop into the workroom, sit down, and sew--I have to prep, prep, prep--maybe for several days before I can begin sewing! And after all that prep yesterday, I'm ill at the idea! Plus, the Raggy-Tags take at least twice as long to make as the Tag Blankets, so I won't have as many ready for the craft fair as I was hoping. I feel a little overwhelmed at the idea. Maybe this day off will help cure me of some of this!

Some days I feel like I'm doing great--progress is going so well. Then other days I feel overwhelmed and out of time--even though the fest is 10 weeks away! I do feel great that I sewed 26 baby blankets this past week! But overwhelmed that I have to hand-stitch them all! :) :) (Three down--23 to go!)

Anyway, this is me on my burned out day. Next time I think I should push to get those last few items done, I hope I remember how it feels to do so--lousy! :)

That's it for now--I'm going to be completely now!

MonsterBug Blankets

Edited, 5:05pm:
Well, some much needed zombie time was enjoyed! I spent time looking through etsy at all the pretties and did some of their promo threads--which got me some hearts, but no sales! :) That's ok, I didn't figure I would--just thought I'd play a bit. Felt good enough to press and photograph two of my baby blankets, and then I listed them on etsy. Now it is time to play with Monster and Bug! :)

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