Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Baby Blanket Display

Lookie what I got yesterday! Thank you, Charisma for NOT needing this anymore and selling it to me!!! See all my pretty baby blankets lined up on there--it'll look GREAT at the craft fairs this year! AND, it gives me somewhere to hang the blankets in my house while they wait for someone to buy them!

I was out and about yesterday, and stopped in a little store to shop a bit. I jabbered with the owners some as I browsed. They'd gotten in a new shipment of pretties and talked about how it was like Christmas when the boxes arrived. I mentioned that it was like that for me whenever I got in some new fabric. Well, next thing I knew, I was carrying in my baskets of baby blankets for the one owner to look through--she's going to be a Grandma soon! I was so proud of myself for speaking up and mentioning what I did, AND for jumping in there (but NOT being pushy) when she mentioned the grandbaby on the way. :) Oh, and I'm thankful that I put all those baby blankets in my car before heading out--you just never know when you'll need to show them off!

I've felt rather unproductive this week. I've gotten things done, but not what I wanted to get done, so I've been upset at myself. What I did do: my product and fabric inventory for taxes, four Tag Blankets finished, 1.5 baby blankets handstitched, four baby blankets/tag blankets listed on etsy, trip to pick up cool display, and passed out my business card to the Grandma-to-be. What I wanted to do: four Raggy-Tag Blankets a day. Or four of SOMETHING each day. I suppose with the extra six blankets I made last week and the four Tag Blankets, I'm only two blankets behind my "quota" for the week. :) I need to remember that it is ok. I get worried that I won't work hard enough now and will leave too much for the last minute.

That's all for tonight!

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Just A Stay At Home Mom said...

WOW! Love that rack! It's great!

Carol said...

AWESOME find!! Your blankets look great on it!!