Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Labels for my Baby Blankets

Normally when I've prepared my baby blankets for sale, I've folded them very neatly, wrapped a dark brown hemp jewelry cord around around the blanket, tied it in a bow, and attached a label with the MonsterBug Blankets contact info, washing instructions, etc. It looks so pretty and simple. But Sewing Guru brought up a good point yesterday--people will want to see the whole blanket, not just a folded up neat version. She mentioned that our customers at the craft fair will want to spread out the blankets--see them in their entirety. Yep, I agree. But the way I've done it looks so finished and ready to sell. So I had to think up something new.
Actually, I was planning on figuring out new tags/labels anyway. The business cards I make are made of a 2"x6" brown bookmark, and after I cut them down to size, I have TONS of 2"x2.5" scraps. Tons and tons. I plan on getting my money's worth out of those bookmarks!!! So this am, as I thought about it, I figured up a way to attach the new tags in a way that the baby blankets can still be unfurled, and the blankets look professional and finished (in my opinion!). Here it is:

The new tag sits in the bottom right corner, and I attach them with embroidery floss I've sewn through the tag and the blanket. It can easily be clipped away when it's time for the baby to use the blanket! And on the back, I've included a short description of the baby blanket, the care instructions, and the price! All neat and easy! :)

I figured since I mentioned my business cards, I would show a picture of one. Oops--it's an older one--with my blog info on it, not my email, but other than that, it's the same. I print them out, then assembly line paint them with green and white dots. I like the colors, and their simplicity. I keep thinking of getting some business cards professionally printed, but every time I try to figure out what I want, I decide I REALLY like these ones I have already! I like how they look (to me at least) professional, yet handcrafted--all at the same time.

So that's my busy morning. :) I've run the ink dry in the printer, been awake since 3am, and it is almost time for the monsters to awake--and I am ready to go back to bed! :)

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Tutu Cute and Moore! said...

I enjoyed reading about and seeing pictures of your tags and business cards. I really like the tags with the circle design on your tags. Nice job!

Artopiay said...

WOW! I love how you make your own cards and hang tags!
They have this GREAT organic look to them and just knowing you put time and love into each one makes them all special!
They look great! :)

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