Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Panick and Prayer

Ok, I feel better. Two days off have helped. I was a little worried--well, alot worried--that if I took a day off, I would lose my momentum. So before bed, I pulled out my stash of cut out Tag Blankets, and sorted out which ones I would cut into 4 inch squares for the Raggy-Tag Blankets, and which ones would be better as Tag Blankets. What a mistake! NEVER do that before bed!!!! I tossed and turned in bed, itching to get up and start sewing, my mind racing over what fabrics to combine for Raggy-Tags, etc. Then I got overwhelmed with all my thinking and started panicking! :) Oh what a crazy night!

I finally got out of bed, grabbed husband's warm and cozy Dive Flag Blanket (the Mac-Daddy one if you click on my site!), sat in my chair with my prayer journal and a pen, and I prayed and prayed and prayed some more! I wrote out all my panicky feelings and worries and wishes and all I want to get done and how I didn't know how everything was going to work out--on and on I went. Once everything was out, and I realized God was big enough to handle it all, I conked out and slept like the dead--right there in my chair cozied up with Husband's blanket.

Anyway, I feel much better today, and while it frustrates me some that I won't get much sewing done today, it's ok. I have lots to do today, and tomorrow I can sew my hands off!

I spent waaaaaayyyyyy too much time on etsy the past two days. Had to get my fix, I suppose. But in doing so, I realized that some of my panicking had to do with the incessant "need" to sell that I experience while I am on there. If I do this, or that, if run this way, or touch the lamp 14 times, circle the room forwards and backwards, etc--THEN people will buy from me. BUT, if I don't, I'm doomed to no sales ever again. That's how I start feeling after too long on the forums. At first, they are really helpful, but then the constant checking of hearts and views begin. And the "if I post on the right threads, maybe I'll get a sale." So I surf the posts, wondering which one will lead someone to my store, which one will make someone want to buy everything I have. It becomes rather ugly inside of me after a bit. And I go to bed discouraged at not getting a sale. And, because I spent so much time online, I don't get a baby blanket finished, so I have nothing to list the next day.

Oh well, at least I recognized it happening to me this time. And I will need to keep away from those forums!!! I noticed how little time I had for them last week when I was busy sewing each day! Wow--I accomplished things, my house was picked up, the kids were loved on, etc! :) But shopping there--I might just have to keep on with that one! :) Please look over to the right, under my etsy store, at "my etsy favorites"--good shopping there!!! And hey, my birthday is just three months away! :) :) :)

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