Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sewing All Day

I've been sewing on and off all day. I decided today was going to be a sewing for fun day--not a I-have-to-sew-this-today day. I've been wanting to make some Rag Quilts something fierce, so I grabbed up the fabric and starting cutting. I'm using Alexander Henry's "Western Style" fabric--it's light blue with cowgirl hats all over it in pink, tan, brown, and white; a white and light pink plaid; and a dark brown corduroy. As I was cutting the A. Henry fabric, Bug declares that SHE wants a blanket made with it. Like she doesn't have 4,000 blankets. I feel guilty sewing all the time for MonsterBug Blankets with her always asking if I'm making something for her, and the answer is no. Plus, I LOVE that fabric and needed an excuse to use it for our home! So once I got done cutting all the fabrics and batting, I whipped up a Cowgirl Hat Blanket for Bug. It's a big one--approximately 36 inches by 54 inches (give or take a few inches). Her response as I wrapped this lovely blanket around her shoulders--"No, I don't want that blanket on me!" Not quite the reaction I was hoping for! :)

After the Cowgirl Hat Blanket, I started pressing and pinning all those fabric squares. I was debating about the size of the quilt: 36"x36" or 36"x45"??? Then I realized I only had enough batting for the 36" square quilt. But I like the idea of a quilt being used for as long as possible. One 45" long will last a kiddo until 3 or 4 years old. So I had to run to Walmart in the middle of my project. UGH! That put a halt on all progress! I HAD hoped to get the quilt done this am, instead, it its there in the library, as undone as can be.

After running around, I ate lunch, laid down, and tried to nap. But I couldn't stop thinking. When I started MonsterBug Blankets, I had several items for sale in a local children's boutique. I only sold two items in the four months everything was there, so I yanked them out. Thought I'd try selling them elsewhere. Well, while lying in bed, I thought it would be good to try again.

So my mind was running over my options--what I did wrong last time, what I could do different. I want to set up a display this time--maybe a bench or my baker's rack--if she'll let me, or some wine crates or something pretty I have shoved in the closet under the stairs! I'm not going to offer just blankets by themselves--but gift baskets and gift bundles. They'll be wrapped in tulle--I think--and ready to give as a present. The boutique is pretty high-end, so I need to have high-end things to sell. Last time I was too terrified of things being too costly, and I had just a few items, and they were just put on some shelf--not displayed. Also, this time I want to rotate the blankets I have in there, and play with the display--make everything look new. And I'm going to be sure to have a copy of the inventory! I think a few things sold last time without me getting paid for them--but I didn't have a written inventory, so I couldn't be sure. (Not that she was trying to rip me off--some items didn't get tagged with my info.)

With all this thinking, I couldn't sleep--I wanted to get started on the things I was thinking about. (Too many ideas for one day!!!) So I got up and started sewing burp cloths for the baby gift baskets and bundles I decided I would take by this week. (Though Husband said to wait till after the craft fair--he's right! So I will wait.)

I quickly tired of sewing the burp cloths--and wanted to finish sewing the rag quilt. So I have two of the four columns sewn, the other two are pinned and waiting. I started to get grumpy while sewing, and it was no longer fun--so I stopped. No use pushing it--I'll finish later. Can't wait to see it done, though!

I went to the post office one day this week, and weighed the different blankets I have. I wanted to offer shipping to Canada, at least, and needed to know how much each weighed so I could charge accordingly. I'm thinking about offering shipping worldwide--since Etsy is a worldwide venue. There's a great forum post about how to charge for shipping, and it explains the different shipping zones around the world. So I've edited some of my listings and am figuring things out.

I'm sure I've been busy with other things--just too tired to think. :) So I'm calling it a night!

MonsterBug Blankets

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