Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stacks of Baby Blankets

Ok, this (above) is what my stack of blankets looks like after the past several days! Much different than Monday's stack! (Three of the blankets included are from past weeks, but there were five baby blankets in the house that I forgot to add!) I need to sew about 6-8 more today, and I should be good on these type of blankets. Next week I'm sewing some double layered baby blankets--so the stack should be nice and large by then!

I went by my friend's store, Charisma's Creations, on Tuesday. She recently opened a good old fashioned brick and mortar business in October--cause she was outgrowing her house with all her lovelies! :) Every time I stop by, she has re-arranged displays and her stock--she's always re-thinking things. Makes everything look new. Anyway, she had this lovely display piece made out of old wood. It looks similar to a ladder--a wide one--but with dowel rods across it instead of rungs. It's gorgeous, and would make a wonderful display for my baby blankets! Turns out, she's looking to get rid of it--yah! I'm praying about it now--I want to be wise with the money I have for MonsterBug Blankets--especially as this craft fair comes closer, because I know there will be little expenses to crop up at the last minute.

I'm trying to think of what else I did this week. Oh, I've been realizing, slowly, that I needed to complete some more paperwork for Alabama state in order to collect sales taxes. So I did a search, and had to search hard, to find the info. Here's a link, in case anyone out there may need this info, too! I'm supposed to be getting some info in the mail soon, and I THINK this info is what I need so that I won't have to pay sales tax on my supply purchases anymore. THAT will be nice!

I've also researched the Tri-State BBQ Fest that's held in Dothan in May. Sewing Guru and I talked about setting up a booth there to sell our pretties. It's not too pricey, so we just may be there! There are several fests and such during the summer months that we could do as well, though I'm not too keen on the thought of being out in that hot sun in 95 degree weather with 90% humidity! UGH! Sticky and hot! I suppose with a tent to shelter us and a fan blowing on us, it won't be AS bad. I mean, I did that while pregnant--outside in summer heat with shelter and a fan, and it wasn't completely horrid--mostly, but not completely. :) We may need the sales, so I will keep that option open.

Time to go sew, before the monsters awake. :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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