Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby Blankets Galore

These are the baby blankets I sewed this weekend. Yes, just four of them, but I ended up ironing tons of yards of fabric that are now waiting to be cut and sewn. Below is the stack of fabric I will turn into blankets. NONE of them have been ironed--ugh! And there's more in my bedroom, more upstairs. I thought I could do this in one week--hahahahaha!

My one week time-frame was based on making 15-20 blankets. Sounds like alot, right??? But on a table, at a craft fair, it sounds sparse to me. So I upped the amount to around 40 blankets. Which I definitely WON'T get done in a week! :) I decided to nix the idea of making quilts for this show--maybe next time. That'll give me another week to work on these blankets! And the notecards I wanted to make will have to wait as well! It's so hard to be patient with all the ideas I have swimming around in my head!

I wonder when I'll have time to list the blankets on etsy--or if I should. I have ALOT to accomplish! And not alot of time. But I woke up early this am, cut out five blankets, and sewed two before I started breakfast. If I can sew the other three this afternoon and maybe get some more fabric ironed, it'll be good! I plan on doing all the handstitching after the kids go to bed--when we watch tv. I can usually finish one blanket a night if I devote all my time to it--ie, don't get stuck on the computer!

That's it for now--the kids are getting crazy!

MonsterBug Blankets

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veryverdant said...

Hey, Looks like you have been busy. The blankets are so sweet. Thanks for showing them.