Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Late Night Baby Blanket

Well, I couldn't sleep last night. As I was ironing the curtains I made, I kept picturing a baby blanket made out of that fabric--I could just see a little girl playing on it. And I couldn't get it out of my head! So after lying in bed awhile, I just got up and made that blanket! It's a cutie, too! That dot fabric with all those pretty colors--it's sweet.
I think I was excited, too, because a friend from college, Rebekah Janell, wrote about me in her local newspaper--and that issue that comes out today. :) YAH! She talks about how we never know where our hobbies and interests will take us--but that it's important to do things that we enjoy. It was exciting to read--it's fun to see how others remember us or what they think of what we're doing today.
Rebekah also is very involved with music--she writes her own, performs around NC, and is dabbling with writing lyrics as well. In college, she played piano for chapel and different activities and groups. She also practiced ALOT in her room--she had her own keyboard set up in there. All that hard work is paying off now as she creates CD's of her music and has sent out promo CD's to record companies and just about anywhere she can!
Anyway, between the newspaper article and the NEED to make that baby blanket, it was LATE once I finally got my bones in bed. But I went to bed happy. I like making pretty things!
Now off to tame the wild beasts!
MonsterBug Blankets
PS--You'll have to forgive the crammed up writing! Blogger is being a pain in the hiney--won't let me space out the paragraphs or even indent them! UGH!!! I HATE everything all crammed like this! I've tried to edit this three times, and still the same old mashed together words! Sorry!

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