Saturday, February 23, 2008

Appliqued Baby Blanket Set

Here it is--my new Appliqued Baby Blanket Set. Turtles for boys--coming soon!!!
I'm soooo excited about these new Baby Blanket Sets I'm making! I love to applique, and find these soooo fun to make! I have several ideas for these, too! Can't wait to get more made up to show off!!! (I have more details about this set on my website:

I'm looking at making some onesies to go along with--and maybe bibs, too. I also have TONS of ideas for an alternative to Tag Blankets--all coming soon!

Look at the blanket my sister-in-law brought me from Guatemala:

My sis #2 has a similar one in pink and blues, and I cuddled under it a ton when I was up north. Hearing Sis-in-Law was heading for a trip to see her parents, I gave her some money to get me one (since I'm the only one who hasn't been to Guatemala--couldn't make it for my brother's wedding). And this lovely orange blanket showed up today! YAH! I'd pretty much forgotten about it, so this was a great surprise!

That's it for today. :)

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soandsewcrafty said...

Love the new set!

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