Friday, February 29, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again!

You know, it's hard to edit pictures outside! It's so sunny, and there's a glare on the computer whether I'm in the shade or in the sun. So, I HOPE the pics I post today don't look too off! If they do--you know why!

This first picture is of the Pea Pod Blanket I'm working on for a certain Sweet Pea! I used lavender flannel for the Toddler Blanket, and hand appliqued the peas (with funny faces, as per Sweet Pea's Mom's instructions!) and the pod. Then I added some curly vines. I think it's pretty cute. There's some padding under the peas and the pod, too.

This next picture is of the baby quilt sis-in-law ordered. Aren't the tractors adorable???!!! I love their colors!

I still have to do the finishing touches to the quilt--cutting any stray strings, rolling it with a lint roller, and one final pressing. I also need to hand sew a blanket stitch around the Pea Pod Blanket, and press it one last time--and it'll be on its way hopefully tomorrow!

It feels good to not be as sick anymore--and to be able to accomplish some sewing! I'm still wearing down quicker than normal, but I am able to work and sew and take care of my kiddos--and I think Husband will be happy to have his wife back to normal!

I don't know if I'll get any more blog posts up before our vacation--so if not, have a happy week next week!

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lauren bacchus said...

I love the 3 peas in a pod! too cute. :)

RittenhouseBags said...

Adorable! That pea pod is just too cute. So well made.

Tizzalicious said...

I love the pea pod blanket, so cute!