Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally, Some Sewing Completed!

As I try to post this--the Monster and the Bug are "playing" upstairs--both awake from their naps--one still in his crib. I can hear them down here! Monster likes to scream for some reason--probably because Bug HATES it--and he likes to be a stinker towards her already!

Anyway, they both took long naps today, so I got to work more on those burp cloths I've been messing with all week. I have this super-cool idea for new ones invloving applique, but since I don't have the time to fiddle with them and get them just so--I had to stick with the ones already cut out and prepped--the ones I already know how to make and can sew easily. I also got an idea from the owner of the quilt shop that I want to play with. She used it for making pillowcases, but I think it would work for my burp cloths, too--and cut down on some of the prep. I'm also (lots of also's!) wanting to possibly make my own burp cloths out of flannel, instead of buying them from Gerber. I HATE that the Gerber ends aren't straight and even. Sewing Guru is pretty sure that the premium ones ARE straight--but they are thinner and more expensive and not sold around here (at least not when I look for them)--and I COULD just make my own for all the time and effort (and shipping) I'd put out trying to get some.

Husband has something going on till late tonight--so I'm hoping for several hours of sewing quietness once the Monsters go to bed! :) YAH! There's a very sweet calm that comes with just the sound of the machine humming away--and the satisfaction of completing my work!

I'd like to finish off those burp cloths--and/or some tag blankets tonight. I had an idea I want to try with sewing the tag blankets. My most hated part is pinning all those ribbon tags. It takes FOREVER!!! So, I was thinking of basting the ribbons on, then sewing the three layers together. This way I can be sure the ribbons are straight while I sew. And I'll be sewing, instead of pinning for 5 million years before the sewing part. I don't know that it'll make anything go by more quickly, but I want to try it.

It felt great to sew this afternoon--the sun even peeked on me while I was working! :) For all my boasting of spring being here (I have a pollen-green car to back me up!), the temps turned cold today--don't think we got out of the 30's. Guess we still have a bit of coldness to contend with before full-fledged, azalea-blooming, hot-temps spring arrives!

That's all--gotta get those two before they break something! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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