Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Back to Work

Well today was a start. I got cracking on my two custom orders--they are cut out, the baby blanket edges are sewn, and the binding is sewn for the baby quilt. I would still be working on the quilt, but the little monsters awoke, and I have a brief amount of time before I need to get them. I hope and pray that I'll have enough energy tonight to quilt the layers of the quilt, so I can sew the binding on tomorrow, and then get to working on making applique pea pods and peas for the blanket. I'll hand stitch the edges of the blanket later tonight while watching tv with husband. And probably finish the edges tomorrow.

Why am I in such a mad rush?--well, we leave for vacation Monday, and I need to get these two orders mailed off before we leave! Plus all the prep work for getting out of town--laundry and bills paid and dog instructions written and housework, etc. Oh, and packing! It sends me into a flu relapse just thinking about it all! :)

Instead of napping today, I kept thinking about what I'd do to let people who visited my shop know I was on vacation: notes to buyer (on etsy) with when I'll be shipping items, announcement in my shop and website, change avatar to vacation mode, send out a bulletin to my myspace friends, and a note on myspace. Is that everything?? Do I have all my bases covered??? Oh, and also I have the price changes to make on Saturday, as I up my baby blanket prices to more accurately account for the price of fabrics. It seems like so much to do!

MySpace has been kinda neat, as I reconnected with friends from college. Theological discussions are always fun for me, as I hear other's ideas and beliefs and how God is changing them. :) I don't get that much anymore, so I love it when I do get the chance! And I read up on profiles from people I went to high school with. No one I was really close to--just people that used to make up my day to day life, way back when. I'm glad things are going well for them! I'm still a bit clueless as to how this is supposed to bring in business, but I've done it now--so I will keep at it for awhile.

I suppose those crazy ones need their momma now! I think I could use some baby hugs and kisses, too! They keep me going!

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