Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flamingo Baby Blanket

I tried to sew this morning, but the kids were crazy and nothing was getting accomplished. I ran away for an hour to our town's coffee shop for a bit of sanity. The barista is a sweetie--always so very friendly and nice. She asked me how my business was going, then asked about my prices. Her brother has a baby girl on the way, and she wanted a flamingo blanket for her! YAH!

After lunch, Monster, Bug, and I headed to the quilt shop to buy the flamingo fabric for the blanket. Once the kids were asleep, I got to work! Isn't it sweet!
I have so much more to do--but also have ideas for a million other projects. I want to do the new things, and put aside the others. :(
Sewing Guru sent me several vendor applications for more craft shows in May and July. It freaked me out a bit last night--I can't imagine doing more shows when the first one isn't here yet! :) We talked today, and she just wants us to check them out this year--to see if we'll be interested in doing them next year. WHEW! It's hard to figure out what to do--what to put my time and effort into. Etsy? Craft shows? Myspace?? Other???? I just feel torn and confused at times. Wondering if what I'm doing is right, or enough--should I try this or that? It's all crazy at times.
MonsterBug Blankets

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jamie said...

yea for flamingo blankets. everyone loves a flamingo.