Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Afternoon Out

Yesterday was my day to have Mommy Time--alone! :) Husband is so good about scheduling this for me. It helps make me sane--and makes me love my family oh so much more! And I had a lovely afternoon!

I had errands to run, and ended up over in Enterprise, AL. There's a fun little antique/junk store (Gaston's, on Glover Ave) that I enjoy browsing through. I bought Bug's bed there, and Monster's dresser, and a couple of cutter quilts I just couldn't cut--so I use them and enjoy that they are a bit raggedy. :) Turns out they are going out of business in May--boohoo--but they have a great sale going on--25% off all furniture and 50% off everything else. I saw some old, wooden ironing boards that I wouldn't mind getting. Usually I shop upstairs only--cause the downstairs is where all the expensive antiques are. :) But I still do a walk through, and am I glad I did. There was a gorgeous quilt sitting on a sofa, and I inspected it, looking for a price. There was none, but the owner was going in and out, and told me that he'd take $10 for it! Ten bucks for a pretty quilt in good condition--all hand sewn, made of feedsack, etc??? Yup--it's in my laundry pile right now--waiting to be washed! :)

I stopped into the Singer Sewing Center, too. I wanted to see if they had anymore of the jungle fabric, as I've had alot of good feedback on that print, and I'd like to get some more. It's there--great news for in the future! They had a giraffe print minky fabric on sale last time, and still had it yesterday--so I scooped that up to make a blanket for my Bug. I also bought some navy corduroy, thinking it would go with the tractor fabric I was waiting on for Sis-in-law's quilt. (It doesn't).

As I was coming back home, I decided (after wrestling back and forth) to stop at the quilt shop and buy another yard of a pretty flower print I got last week. I want to make a baby blanket with applique on it, but needed more than the yard I have. As I'm in there, someone comes through the front door, wondering loudly, "Who is MonsterBug Blankets?" She'd read the lettering on the back of my car (thanks, Monsterpromos!), and was curious! Long story short--I ended up bringing my whole rubbermaid tub of blankets into the store, and people got to dig through them all--and I got a sale! :) YAH!!!!

What's neat is that as I headed out on my errands, I prayed and asked God to please bring me a sale/some sales--whether locally or on the internet--or both! :) And He provided a sale for me. :) I'm soooo glad!

There was a forum post on etsy the other night that asked how our sales were month by month over the past 6 months. We had to write out "September--___ sales." I was curious, so I did it--and you know what--it was very encouraging! Because I usually check my etsy store 2-6 times a day, wondering if I made a sale--and it makes one or two or four sales seem not important. I just see the 5 million times I checked and had no sales. But I got to see that month by month, my sales are pretty steady--even if they aren't over the top. I've made anywhere from 4-9 sales a month since September--minus Nov, when I was up north for Grampa's funeral.

And lastly--here's a peek at a burp cloth I made two days ago. It's all made by me--no gerber cloth diapers in there! I want to make all my burp cloths similar to it--fabric print on one side, two layers of flannel, and a pretty design on the flannel side. Tell me what you think!

MonsterBug Blankets

PS--Very Verdant wrote a neat feature of the Front Porch Quilt Shoppe where we like to buy our fabric! Check it out! (Click here to read)

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