Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Fun Project!

These are the burp cloths I finished yesterday. I wish I could say I sewed more with all the time alone after Monster and Bug went to bed--but I'm a mommy. And I get tired after a full day of kiddo chasing. And I was tired last night. So I bopped around online (feeling GUILTY for not sewing) before my sis-in-law called. She ordered a baby quilt from me, and gave me a reason to do more research online! I HAD to find a tractor/truck/all boy kind of fabric for the new quilt! Click here to see what she chose! I like the colors--they also carry it in a black background, which I LOVE! (BTW--If you ever order from J&O Fabrics--you may want to call them--online they only offer UPS shipping, but by calling I got the postage cut in half--by having them ship it USPS.)

I woke up early this morning, and was able to start on something fun! I decided to work a bit on the applique idea I have for blankets (and more)! Here's what I did today:

It's going to be a blanket with two layers--this will be one side (you see the bottom right corner), and the other side is the print shown in the flowers. I had to call Sewing Guru to get advice on how to keep the flowers from shredding away. The edges are undone--left to get a wee bit raggy. She advised to use iron-on fusing on the backs, to machine sew around the circle to stop the fraying from going too far, and then to hand-stitch the flowers in place. I pulled the thread a bit tight, causing the circles to pucker a little--exactly the look I wanted--just didn't know HOW to get it! The first one I worked on, I used a hoop to pull it tight, and the stitches didn't pucker--but I tore out the stitches to prep it per Sewing Guru's advice, and then couldn't find the hoop, so I just held it by hand and pulled too tight, and am in love with it!!! Only thing I will do different next time--I want to add a bit of batting on the inside of each flower--to puff them out a tiny bit!

I'm seriously debating raising my prices a bit. Starting out, I shopped for deals, and found fabrics within a certain price range. I based my baby blanket prices on the average of what I paid. But as I am nearly through my original stash of fabric--or at least what I can REALLY use--I'm finding that 1. I've become a fabric snob--and only want to use the BEST fabrics, and 2. people are requesting more and more custom fabrics, and unless there's a sale going on that week--I'm paying the $8.50+ a yard for the fabric, when my budget is almost half that! The price change won't be significant. I can still get good deals on flannels and sale fabrics. But I'm thinking of adding $1.50-2.00 per yard to the prices I charge. That will be a more realistic price for my costs.

That's all for tonight! :)
MonsterBug Blankets


Very Verdant said...

This project turned out really cute.

soandsewcrafty said...

I know what you mean about the prices of fabrics! I'm having to do a little restructuring myself for the same reasons! I have been using that worksheet from Chris Parry and it has helped me "see the light"! That and the fact I just recently finished the taxes!