Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Play Blanket

This is one of the ideas I've been tumbling around in my head--and I actually had some energy after the kids went to bed last night--so I worked on it. Didn't take too long to do--even though it is a prototype (prototypes usually take forever, and don't usually turn out the first try--or even the second--this one turned out first try! YAH!). I think in a few months, I'll probably make these bigger than 12"x12", but I have 8 million 13.5" squares begging to be made into something fun, so I'm using them! :) This Play Blanket can go with the new Appliqued Baby Set I featured yesterday, OR it can be sold alone. I didn't do any hand-stitching on this--I wanted those ribbons to be super-duper extra secure (they are sewn more than four times!). I figure the only way baby is going to get one of these ribbons off is if she has scissors--and WHY would a baby have scissors!??!!

I have some ideas for boy ones, but need time to play around with exactly how I'm going to do them. Those prototypes will probably take longer and need more editing!

Gotta get the kids up and ready!

MonsterBug Blankets


HazelHoney said...

Cute blanket.
Great idea.

Varenia Jensen said...

hi! i found your blog through blogrush, cute blankets! i really appreciated your insight about prototypes, I've really been struggling with turning some of my designs from two dimensions to three dimensions, and it was nice to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't get the sample right on the first try! good luck with your shop, i like the tag blankets!
:), varenia
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