Monday, February 25, 2008

Still Sick and HATING It!

I finally listed my new creations on etsy today. :) And last night I set up a MySpace account ( I didn't like how stupid I felt while trying to set it up--it wasn't very user friendly! Of course, the first time I've EVER been on MySpace was 2 weeks ago when Sewing Guru aka Very Verdant set up her account. My GenX roots are showing big time, huh! I still don't know how to use things on myspace, or how to search for people, or really what else to do with the site! Again, those GenX roots--thank goodness they aren't grey roots!!!!

I feel absolutely horrid. Every day I wake up and feel ok, and then by 1030, I am slammed against a wall of exhaustion and can't do much past that. I keep thinking it's been long enough--I shouldn't STILL be sick with the flu. But I am, and I HATE it! Today I feel worse than I have. I'm thankful Husband went into work this afternoon--and was home all morning. He took care of the kids for me. Kinda wish he had this schedule last week when I was in bed with Bug bouncing in and out of the room and Monster upstairs awake, but I couldn't go get him cause I couldn't move. Then maybe I would be better by now???

I need to get Sis-in-law's quilt worked on--was hoping to do it today. :( But I can see that's not gonna happen! Not unless I get to feeling better later this evening. I think the combo of church yesterday morning and grocery shopping all afternoon just kicked my butt yesterday.

Wish I could write more--but not up to it! Just wanted to say hey, I'm alive today! :) (Barely!)

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