Saturday, February 9, 2008

This Week

I feel so guilty--such a bad little blogger. The past two weeks have been hard, to say the least, and I hope and pray that this new week will bring lots of health and rest and creativity! :)

I DID get four sales on etsy this week! YAH! :) My aunt stocked up on some baby gifts, and I had a custom order for my Valentine Chunky Crayons! YAH! Bad thing was, I based the crayon postage on the weight of the crayons themselves--forgetting the weight of the box, bubble wrap, bags, cards, tags, etc. So I ended up eating $4.00 in postage--on a $13.50 sale. Not so good! I'm also hoping for a custom order to come through from a lady I've been convoing back and forth. (Convo is etsy speak for messages to the seller.)

I had fun packaging up the little crayons for the custom order. They looked soooo pretty in the little bags with all that crinkle paper! I thought of the little kiddos who would get them--and hope they are quite excited by them! I wanted to take a picture, but it was midnight, dark, and I was tired. And I wanted the box to be completely prepped for the next day--so I wouldn't be trying to get it done with a Monster and a Bug under foot! (THAT makes me crazy!!!) But I had a cute idea to package some up and take some pics of them in an Easter basket with the little plastic eggs and grass in there! What a GREAT alternative to chocolate for Easter!!! :) I originally wanted to display them in this manner for the craft fair, but then I found out that Easter was before the fair--so now I'll have to come up with something else adorable!

I have a pile of pink buckets and sand buckets with shovels--and I keep thinking they will be neat to use at the craft fair--maybe with some Baby Bundle gifts??? I'm still trying to figure them out. Late March will be getting warm--and people will be in a beach mood around then. (It was 79 degrees the other day here--around the 70's today--so March WILL be warm!)

Anyway, I'm about shot for tonight. I DID love my blog today! :)

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soandsewcrafty said...

Ah yes, the lovely South Alabama weather!

I'll bet those crayons done up in Easter baskets would be great! They would last longer than chocolate and not cause near the hyperactivity!