Monday, February 18, 2008

Very Verdant

I FINALLY get to showcase the talents of my dear friend from Very Verdant, aka Sewing Guru. Look at what she made me! This GORGEOUS apron to wear when we sell at the Piney Woods Arts Festival! The two pockets on the left (my right when I wear it) are for pens, the one in the middle is big--for lots and lots of money!, and the one on the right is for business cards or my cell phone. I might even start wearing it when I cut out fabric--it'll keep my scissors and measuring tape handy!

Sewing Guru started Very Verdant in December 2007, though it's been a dream of hers for a long time. She sells personal pouches--which I wish were around when I was a teenager, sack packs for tweens/teens, jewelry, and has plans for so much more! The focus of her shop is on school-aged children, teens, and young adults--and their needs, likes, wants. Please check out her website: (Oh, she's also selling aprons--each one is one of a kind!)

My Bug has gotten LOTS of pretties from Sewing Guru--skirts, dresses, short and pants outfits, nightgowns, purses, hairbows! She has her own sack pack--I just knotted the straps to make it fit her. And Sewing Guru has sewn gorgeous hand-smocked nightgowns for her, too. I don't think there's anything she CAN'T sew! :)

So check out her shop--and come visit us as we sell together in March!

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