Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy, Busy!

If you were to search through my favorites on Etsy, you'd see that I'm looking through purses. TONS of purses. Tons and tons and tons. There are so many I like MOSTLY, but wish the straps were shorter, or there were pockets--or more pockets, or that the fabric was different, or it was bigger, smaller, shaped different,...... I am soooo picky! I'm a person who knows what I like ONCE I've seen it, and I also know when I haven't yet seen it. And while sooooo many of the purses on Etsy are gorgeous, I haven't found one that is EXACTLY what I want! Color, style, fabrics, texture, details, pockets, topstitching--and then price--it ALL has to come together in that perfect purse--and I'm STILL looking! (Maybe YOU'LL be the one to find YOUR perfect purse while browsing my favorites!) I'm thinking I may just have to make my own. I put together a small tan/white herringbone fabric with an old weird green German tablecloth and one of my Grandpa's ties--and think I may make one with all that!

My perfect bag (and I've not found one since having kids--though I've bought MANY a diaper bag/bookbag) has a special pocket JUST for my keys, preferably on the outside, and preferably with a way to close it. A pocket for my cell phone. Two pockets I can put sippy cups in. Room for a bottle of water--but NOT a pocket for it on the outside--ick! And space for my mini purse--where I carry my wallet, mini-leatherman (you just gotta have one!), receipts, and chapstick (and currently my phone and keys). Oh, room for diapers and wipes and a snack for the kids. And the straps--I just want them to fit over my forearm--cause that's where I carry all my bags. They fall off my shoulder if the straps are long, and I don't need a messenger bag to add to my hips--plus I'd end up knocking out one of my kids with it on the side! I want funky colors--greens, browns, oranges, greys. And I'm LOVING the appliques so many Etsians have added to their bags--but I'm undecided WHAT I want as an applique! I'm not girly--so no flowers. At least not girly-girl ones. I've been in love with appliqued circles for awhile. Who knows--I'll know it when I see what I want! I want it big enough, but not too big. Can you see why this is soooo hard??? I want everything and I want it affordable and I want it to be extremely well made--cause I'm a seamstress, and can tell! This is why I think I'll have to make my own! :)

I got a call from Sewing Guru today. She has the flu. :( If her oldest is well on Saturday, I'll be taking her along to help me with selling at Piney Woods. And if she's sick by then, too, well, God will provide what I need! I do have another friend selling--and she's sharing a space with her friend--so if I need to run to the restroom, I'm sure I can call her to sit at my booth for 5 minutes!

Sewing Guru and her kids came by yesterday to work out how we want our booth to look. We were rather pleased with the results--though forgot to take pics! :) We debated about whether to put everything on the outside edges, so people will walk around the outside, or to have people come inside to look at everything. We've both been in tents that made us feel claustrophobic, so we were a bit afraid to set up with people coming into our tent. We decided to set up both, but once we set it up for people to come inside, we LOVED it, and that's what I'll be setting up Saturday morning!

Sewing Guru mentioned that Fred's is having a sale on 10'x10' canopies--for $48! (Fred's is like a Roses or Dollar General or Big Lots.) She also said that Sams has them on sale for $109 up to $178--with the latter being one with zip in and out bug screens (rather handy where we live!). I was out and about anyway, and stopped into Fred's, and bought one of their canopies for us to use Saturday and Sunday! Figured that was a good deal! We'll have to see how "easy" it is to set up, though! :) But it's off-white and waterproof, and I'm happy to have one to block all that HOT Alabama sun! I have some sheer curtains I bought from Ikea years ago that I have to IRON--UGH--but will then hang them in the back of the canopy/tent to help people's eyes to stay on our merchandise. I MAY even find some fabric I like to hang in the front, but we'll see--I have quite a few things to get done between now and Saturday morning!

Husband brought home the vinyl banners for Very Verdant and MonsterBug Blankets last night. I need to paint my circles on it--and see how I like it. It was terribly sweet for my Honey to think of me, and to want me to have a special sign for my business!!!! :)

I closed my Etsy store until next Tuesday (1 April). I figured I won't have much time to think about it tomorrow--we have alot planned, and I won't feel up to reactivating it on Monday--too tired to care! So Tuesday sounded ok. I'll probably list some new things to get my store back up in the search engines there! I haven't listed or re-listed one thing the whole month of March. Still got my requisite two purchases from strangers, though! :)

I received two neato things in the mail today. One is a huge box of beautiful, handmade greeting cards from sis #1 and her best friend--to sell at Piney Woods! (I usually get a bunch for Christmas--and LOVE my cards--though I'm HORRIBLY stingy with them!) AND, I received some BEAUTIFUL fabric from my dear friend, A.! I'm making a baby quilt for her third little one--a baby girl! And she picked out a gorgeous Moda fabric--green with HUGE, colorful dots on it. I NEED some of that fabric myself! (I can't WAIT for the next sale at the Front Porch Quilt Shoppe!!!!) I've seen whole cloth quilts made with that--WOW!

Ugh, need to take a nap, then get BUSY with all the little things that need to happen between now and Saturday morning! :)

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