Monday, March 31, 2008

Fabric Shopping

I went to our local hardware store today--Bill's Hardware. Bill's wife has a corner in the back (a growing corner!) where she runs her own shop--Simply Unique. She sells Husquavarna sewing and embroidery machines, does embroidery and sewing, and sells fabric! I went in to purchase some corduroy and plaid fabrics in blue and orange, and red and black/grey. There are two teams in Alabama--and people LIVE by these football teams. You can't visit a craft fair without seeing purses, clothing, and anything else you can imagine with the emblems and colors of Auburn and Alabama. I figured I'd purchase a few fabrics and sew team oriented Play Blankets to sell this fall.

So, while I'm finding the fabric I came for, I keep getting distracted by Amy Butler fabric--everywhere! :) It's soooo pretty--I kept thinking of making a floaty, spring skirt! It's been a long time since I've made myself a skirt--about 8 years now. The problem is--WHICH fabric to use! They are all so gorgeous, and look amazing mixed together!

Funny--I spend all kinds of time sewing and making things for the craft fair. I sit/stand/talk for hours, two days in a row. Then today, boom, three orders. :) From people I know. Not people from the show. It's too much! (And thank You, GOD!)

Ok, I'm pooped already. I need another weekend to rest and enjoy my family!!!

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