Monday, March 17, 2008

Loving Spring!

In the four years since we've moved back to Alabama, this is the first spring I haven't gotten totally depressed about spring beginning in February. I'm finally getting used to living here. Plus, I have an almost 18 month old who is absolutely an angel when we're outside--and the complete opposite if he has to stay inside past breakfast! Thank goodness we don't have more winter months to slog through! I'd have to give him away! :)

We're outside now--breeze is blowing, sun shining, and my wind chimes are singing along with the wind and the birds. It's absolutely gorgeous! I was working on hand stitching one of my baby blankets--it's almost finished, but the wind keeps running away with my embroidery floss--and I'm tired of chasing it down! :)

I didn't get any more work done past Thursday on the business. It WAS nice to have a few days to just spend enjoying my family. I decided on Friday afternoon that the grocery lists weren't going to happen in time for the Piney Woods Arts Festival. I was bummed, but it's either being filled with stress over too much to do--or being sane knowing I can get done what I can get done. I want sanity, please! And time to hug and kiss on my husband and kiddos!!!

It's a little weird, realizing that in the past 17 days, I've had only one sale. It's scary waiting till the very end of the month to have all my sales. I've not listed or renewed anything on etsy--too little time to worry about that! Plus, I need all I can have for the craft fair! It feels strange and scary, but I believe it will be for the best.

I'll probably be slow in the month of April. I'll be traveling for two weeks, sewing for my mom, and sewing a quilt for a dear friend's third baby. I'm sure that my family will come up with other things for me to work on when I visit, once they realize I'm bringing my sewing machine up! :) It'll be fun to sew other things for a bit!

Sewing Guru and I will need to decide if we're going to do any craft fairs in May--after we do Piney Woods. We'll need to look at our sales, our schedules, and how long it'll take to get enough items made up to sell! There are a ton of things in May we can sign up for--but after that, it's fairly calm in Alabama till around October, when it finally cools down back in the 80's. Yes--June-October are HOT, HOT, HOT!!! (That's the down side of starting Spring in Feb!)

Enjoy your day--I'm loving mine!

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Karma by Morgan said...

you have really nice items... I am low on sales these past two months too but I think in time with spring coming things will pick up (I hope so at least!)