Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lurking, Working, and More

Ok, I'll admit it, I've been lurking online since we came home from vacation. I haven't felt much like participating or getting involved with any of the so-called marketing avenues I'm a part of. Husband is getting tired of me being online so much--I'm getting sick and tired of being online so much--so are the kids. It is ridiculous--and I've had enough. Being away for a week was lovely, and in that time, I realized that for all the work and promoting and forum reading I've been a part of--I'm not selling very much to people I don't know.

In February, my sales to people who stumbled upon my shop on Etsy? $19. I paid six dollars and change for my etsy fees, and twelve dollars to join etsyBABY. And I spent countless hours putzing around. My sales to people I know: $138. And they contacted me. So I've been holding back from etsy since coming home. It doesn't seem worth all the time and aggravation. (Though there is a TON of great business info and advice in the forums--that I count as priceless!!!)

Too, since coming home, I've realized that I have three weeks to get my butt in gear for the Piney Woods Arts Festival!!!! I cannot sew fast enough!!!! I've been busy sewing and stressing, and bemoaning the month of sickness in this household that kept me from working and working and working!!! I have soooo much to do, and really DO NOT want to become a psycho mess of a woman while trying to do too much! Husband is going to help all he can--giving me 2-3 hours to sew in the mornings while he attends to the monsters before work. :) SOOOOOO nice!

Sooooo, this is what I was up to this morning:

Fish Play Blanket for boys (or girls who love fishies!).

More Flower Play Blankets!

Oh, while I'm thinking of the Play Blankets--I got into my very first Etsy treasury this week!!! One of my Play Blankets was listed on an etsyBABY Spring Treasury! YAH! :) I was so excited! (I have no idea how to do a screenshot of the treasury, and it'll expire in minutes, so you'll just have to believe me!)

We had sooooo much fun on our vacation to Tennessee! We went to the Chattanooga area, and stayed in the best little cabin! The other cabins at Welcome Valley Village were much larger--and gorgeous as well! The property is beautiful--a creek runs through, where the kids threw TONS of rocks, and then the Ocoee River is at the edge of the property! It's a wonderful place to stay and relax!

We visited the Tennessee Aquarium--I loved the Ocean side of it--very interactive for a 3 and 1 yr old! There were sharks and sting rays to pet, a butterfly garden, penguins, a cool jellyfish room, and a HUGE tank of fish and sharks and turtles--that you can even walk underneath! And the outside area was definitely designed for children--stepping stones across a "creek", bridges to climb--some ending, as though they broke apart--very cool.

We spent a day on Lookout Mountain--road the Incline Railway up to the top, then down again (the highlight of Bug's entire trip! Monster's highlight--all the "Cruck-Cruck's" he saw--Trucks). We went into the cavern and saw Ruby Falls, and of course, we saw Rock City--wow! It was MY favorite! Also, we spent an hour or so driving around Lookout Mountain (while the kids slept), and I loved that--gorgeous! I miss my mountains!!!

I have so much more I'd love to write about, but lunch is calling--so's my nap! :)

MonsterBug Blankets


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