Saturday, March 22, 2008

Memory Lane

I'm up in the middle of the night--well, at least it's the middle of the night IF you happened to fall asleep in your chair before 8pm, and it's now nearly 1230 and you are wondering IF you'll fall asleep again sometime soon. :) Anyway, I sent some emails and then checked my MonsterBug Blankets account--I had a sale on etsy!! YAH!!! Turns out, it's a gift for someone in Koeln (Cologne), Germany. So now I'm wandering down memory lane....

In the late 90's, I moved to Germany with my newly wedded husband. :) We were young and poor and ever so happy. I don't remember HOW, but we saved like $250 that summer to go on vacation. We stayed with some family friends (his side) in Bonn, and rode the train from Bonn into Koeln. We walked through the train station, full of hustle and bustle and people buying and carrying flowers, and step out into the weirdest sight. Modern buildings and people selling the yummiest potato pancakes--and then this OLD, Gothic church. Right on top of/next to the train station. I should look it up, but the church was started in the 900's (IF memory serves me correctly!) and took hundreds of years to finish. (OK--wrong--started in 1248, finished in 1880!) The stone was all black on the outside, though at the time they were working to clean it/spruce it up. And it was gorgeous. We had a lovely visit there, and I'm so happy to remember everything all over again--all because someone in Koeln will soon have a sock monkey gift bundle from MonsterBug Blankets!

Koelner Dom. Pic by Keenan Vinion (found on the web)

I was talking with Husband about ALL the things I need to do this week--and kinda complaining that I have to paint 260 some business cards with green and white dots. He wondered aloud whether I NEEDED to do that. Said they look fine without the dots, and he'd rather see me get to sew things to sell than worry about painting 260+ business cards. Huh. I kind of tilted my head, blinked, and realized--yep, they DO look fine without the dots and that IS time I could put to better use! It's so weird when you've looked at something one way for awhile, then all of a sudden, someone helps you look at it differently.

I need to go read up on craft fairs in the etsy forum posts I've been saving for the past 4.5 months. :) And make my lists--oh how I like my lists! I have 5 sticky notes of STUFF TO DO sitting next to me right now--and somehow I will be better off if I have MORE! :) I'm weird--there, I said it!
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