Thursday, March 13, 2008

Much More to do!

Well, I'm all ready to accept credit cards! Knucklebuster from Mr. Imprinter on eBay--check! Signed up on ProPay to accept credit cards--check! Credit card slips--check! Plate for the knucklebuster written with Very and MonsterBug! YAH!

Yesterday I finished up the last of ten Flower Play Blankets and started cutting out fishies. Today I started on the first three Fish Play Blankets, getting all the ribbons and fish bodies sewn on. Some of the Play Blankets have eyes, and some don't. I like them both equally--as does husband, who's advice I sought cause I couldn't figure out whether to do eyes or not! I hope to get all the squares sewn together this afternoon. I'm still behind a day on this project, and tomorrow morning the kids and I have places to be, things to do--so then I'll be two days behind.

I can't be behind! I have 250 business cards to print and paint, all the product tags to make and connect to my blankets and gifts, tons of Chunky Crayons to make, Grocery Lists to laminate and assemble, 32 photos to mat and put in bags and label/price. Sewing Guru and I also have to get together with the tent and all our display pieces, and try to figure out how we want everything to look. We have plans for both weekends before the show, and a birthday to celebrate in the middle of this, too! And my desire is to NOT BE CRAZY in the middle of all this! :) Think that's possible???? HAHAHAHAHA!

Husband was in a small shop yesterday, and the lady who ran it has a small gift shop in a corner. And he told her all about my work! Gave her my website, and said he hopes I'll get sales from it and/or the chance to display some of my baby things! YAH! The lady sent some fabric scraps with him for me--she's a good egg in my book! :)

Lunch is over--kids are getting restless. Means I need to get! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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