Friday, March 28, 2008

My Bag

Well, I suppose searching through 4 million pages of bags on Etsy finally paid off! I loved soooo many of the bags, but this orange one stood out to me. So did this brown one, but I didn't want the baby blanket that went with it (though isn't it pretty!). I contacted the seller, Sweet Sophia, and she listed one like it without the blanket--and I snatched it up! Then I noticed she had another Etsy shop, and looked through it. Guess what--she made the orange one I liked, too! :) So I guess I did alright with my choice!

I'm not sure I'm going to like the size of the purse--15" x 15.5"--though I usually need to carry a lunchbox with me, too--so it MAY be just perfect! If not, I'm already thinking of contacting Sweet Sophia to see if she can make me a smaller version, but with one pocket on the brown side, and two on the inside. (I need two pockets for those sippy cups I always have with me!) And I'll probably add some pockets or elastic straps on the inside of my new bag in order to hold said sippy cups! I'm also thinking of adding an applique of some sort to the outside of one of those pockets--though what of??? I still need to think on that! Maybe I'll do a brooch that resembles an applique, then I can remove it or change it when I want. Or not. We'll see! :)

Husband and I set up our craft fair tent/canopy today. I may need to use it all summer--in our yard. The shade is lovely! And the kids HAD to eat their breakfast out under it! After they ate, I sat under it, in my outdoor rocker, finishing the hand stitching on a cool dinosaur baby blanket. It was so relaxing!

Gotta get back to the grindstone--and see if I can fit EVERYTHING for tomorrow in the back of my station wagon! :) :) Wish me lots of sales!!!

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