Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Burp Cloths

So, these are the new burp cloths I'm sewing! I'm loving them! They have one layer of printed fabric, and two layers of white flannel, and measure approximately 9.5"x17.5". They are so colorful and I like them WAY better than any of the other burp cloths I've sewn!

I decided to make my own burp cloths a bit ago, because I was irritated at the Gerber cloth diaper ends being so crooked. I looked at purchasing the premium cloth diapers, but those ends were crooked, too! Plus, when I worked out the costs for the premium diapers, making my own is actually cheaper, takes a little less time, and the result is prettier!

These burp cloths were made to match several of my Tag Blankets. On Saturday, at the Piney Woods Arts Festival, I plan on selling the Tag Blankets and Burp Cloths together, as a set. And I had a few Tag Blankets without matching Burp Cloths--so last night I got busy cutting these out, then I sewed away today.

As far as sewing, I am done for the week. :( I was soooo busy yesterday, sewing Fish Play Blankets, and then today, making these Burps. And my kids are starting to wear down on Mommy sewing so much! I have a few tags to sew on, I need to price everything, and tomorrow Sewing Guru and I plan on setting everything up in the yard--figuring out how we want things to look on Saturday and Sunday. I'm pretty much ready for this craft fair to be done and over with at this point. I feel the stress wearing on me, making me so tired.

That's it! Enjoy your day!
MonsterBug Blankets

PS--I'll be inactivating my Etsy Shop sometime later this week--just until after the craft fair. So check back on Tuesday next week, and I should have everything up again!

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