Saturday, March 1, 2008


The funniest thing happened today as I was finishing sis-in-laws quilt! Monster comes up to me and babbles, "Truck, truck, kzxushjbncjhagdhkahfjnh, truck!" I smiled and told him the tractor quilt is for Aunt A, and that he can't have it. Then I get, "TRUCK, TRUCK, I WANNA TRUCK!!!!" along with STAMPING OF FEET! Can you believe it! My 17 month old decided HE WANTS that truck (tractor) quilt! I normally don't blow off temper tantrums, but this was hilarious. I said, No, this truck quilt is Aunt A's--you have a monkey quilt, an airplane quilt, a helicopter and a dinosaur blanket. And I get more of the "TRUCK, TRUCK, kshfuikjmnxjysgjsdbnjsc, TRUCK," with the foot stomping. I corrected him for his tantrum (while laughing to myself), and we talked about it--then he had to touch all the tractors and talk about each one. Which was cute, too! I usually get orders from the three year old about what she wants me to make--but now my Monster is doing it, too!

Note to self: DO NOT attempt to sew, cut, prep, etc while sick with the flu! It DOES NOT save time, it DOES NOT help in any way! Last night I folded up one of my baby blankets, and found the edges were not square. Oh how that annoys me! I thought if I folded it different, it might help. Nope. The sides were all cockeyed. So I TRIED to figure out which side is crazy, and I ripped out the seam and trimmed it. Folded it again--all cockeyed still. UGH! So, instead of hand stitching the blanket last night, I ended up spending my time ripping out all the seams. I attempted to figure out the crookedness last night--but realized that as tired as I was, I would probably just ruin it. So I waited till today to pick it up again. I guess whenever I cut it out, I just never made sure it was all square. How annoying! So I trimmed it up and re-sewed it, and now it's not 2 inches off on one corner! :) I HATE crooked baby blankets, and am glad to get that one just right--even if I did have to rip everything out and then re-sew it! Now I can get busy hand stitching it!!!

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soandsewcrafty said...

Come on, make him a "truck" one! That is so cute!